Hand reading or quirology

Quirology or chiromancy is a technique by which the lines of the hands are studied in order to predict patterns of behavior and, in a superior aspect, to know events of the past or the future of the person.

Lectura de la mano, o quirología

In the present article we are going to expose the main aspects that are studied when the quiro loger, or chiromancer, makes the reading of the hand (without including the lines), and that they serve as the base to make the character interpretations of the person.


Type, or shape of the hand: square, conical, spatulate, psychic, mixed.
Hand sizes: Small, large
Handshake: Soft and fleshy, firm and elastic, rigid, rough and inflexible.


Fingers: short, long, thick and fleshy, thin, smooth, knotty.
Flexibility: Rigid, flexible.
Curvature: Inward, outward.
Disposition of the fingers: Uniform alignment, uneven arrangement, sunken index, annular (sun) sunk, sunken pinky.
Opening of the hand: Very extended fingers, fingers rigidly together.
Greater space between fingers: Annular and little finger, index and heart, heart and ring finger, thumb and forefinger.

The tip finger

  1. Normal length, but shorter than the ring.
  2. With a good cephalad line and thumb.
  3. At the level of the ring finger
  4. Long index
  5. With a good cephalic line and thumb
  6. With a weak cephalic line and thumb

Extremely long index

Index that curves towards the middle finger.
Middle finger or heart.
Ring finger.
Short + wide than long of square tips
Wide and long with rounded extremities shaped like almonds.
Nail color: White, light pink, red


Thumb: short, long and well formed, disproportionately long sunk, elevated, straight and rigid, folding flexible joint.
Wasp dress, full, in the form of a dough.

Mount of Jupiter

Normal, developed in excess, flat.

Line of the head: Length and direction of the line.

This is, roughly (without counting the lines of the hand as such), the general additional aspects that the quirologist must take into account when making the reading of the hand. As we see, there are several aspects that are taken into account.

Thanks: Germán Camacho, for providing me with the information

Hand reading or quirology
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June 21, 2019

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