Harmful eye habits

The eyes are the organ on which our subsistence is based and in addition, they allow us to move at will. It is very true that we perceive our reality through the five senses, but sight is the most paramount; and despite knowing this, modern society does not care about the health of this wonderful organ.

They often go unnoticed

Although it may seem like a lie, many people around the world look directly at the sun and this is perhaps one of the habits that cause enormous damage to our retina, which is a light-sensitive tissue located on the inner surface of the eye. The light that enters the retina triggers a series of chemical and electrical phenomena that eventually become nerve impulses that are then sent to the brain through the optic nerve.

The damage caused by looking at the sun is quite harmful and can trigger more serious problems such as cataracts, so it is recommended to wear lenses that protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays.

Another of the daily habits that harm eye health is the indiscriminate use of makeup, which today not only women wear since most cosmetics contain chemical elements that are often ignored because they are not referenced on labels products.

Interestingly, proof of this was news that caused a stir in London where fake makeups were discovered that were made with rat, arsenic and cyanide droppings.

Reading is a magnificent activity for the brain but often we abuse literature and our eyes are the real affected. Many people read while on the bus, in the car, in the taxi and this habit is extremely harmful to eye health, as it can cause retinal detachment, headache, dizziness and vomiting, although these symptoms vary by person.

There is also damage caused by lack of light while we read, because the eyes are overstriated quite a lot and the muscle tissues that support the eyeball are damaged.

Perhaps the most harmful habit of all is to rub your eyes, because your hands are always exposed to a number of bacteria and particles that when they come into contact with the eye can repeatedly trigger serious health problems we do without realizing but we must be very careful and careful in protecting our precious eyes that allow us to develop in the world.

Taking this information into account leads to improved quality of eye health. In the time in which we live, reading on screens has become almost indispensable and is done for quite some time, at the front of the radiation emitted by these devices.

However, read when the room is dark, either because it is night or because it doesn´t give enough light, it overstrives the look and quickly wears out the eyes. And when it comes to reading long periods on the screen, the galleons recommend frequent breaks and exercises of the eye muscles.

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Harmful eye habits
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August 22, 2019

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