Have the two popes been captured? Francis and Benedict XVI arrested?

After the death of Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected as his successor, and assumed the papacy under the name of Benedict XVI. However, on February 28, 2013, he resigned from his post, after which Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected, taking the name of Francis, so that from then on the Catholic world had two Popes, one emeritus, and the other acting.

Sex Scandals

However, neither for Benedict XVI nor for Francis were times of ease, and both saw their papacy tarnished by sex scandals, with dozens of priests accused of pedophilia, not to mention that several voices have denounced true satanic rituals behind the walls of the Vatican in which not only children were abused, but also tortured and finally killed in dark rituals.

Growing disagreement

It is for this reason, and because of an agenda that many consider too liberal, that it would have generated growing nonconformity not only within the Church itself, especially in the conservative faction, but also generated unrest at the international level by asking not only for prison for priests accused of abuse of minors, but for higher instances, which would eventually include the Pope himself.

The Q

But perhaps this would not have escalated had it not been for the emergence of the Q movement, a group of nationalist patriots whose visible head would be the President of the United States himself, Donald Trump, who would have pledged his word not only to end child trafficking, but to end the same deep state and its corrupt elite.

The communications of Q

From 2017 Q, as it is called, began to post in forums as 4chan small cryptic sentences that the followers of Q, called Qanons, were in charge of solving, and eventually anticipated actions that later materialized, usually related to high corruption scandals.

The most recent communication from Q

And this is precisely where we get to the heart of the matter, since the last publication of Q, dated 18 April 2020, gives us an enigmatic image. It has been indicated that it corresponds to a church, which is quite significant because it allows us to put into context the publication of Q and what it intends to communicate to us. Now, in the image we have two white candles that no longer light, which are extinguished and enclosed, and which are almost twins, and one in front of the other, which suggests preeminence, and both are sprinkled with sperm (a detail not minor that could indicate one thing: pedophilia). Could it be that it refers to the capture of the two Popes?

The penultimate communication from Q

This, of course, would require a huge military operation because of the high security protocols that guard not only the Pope, but the Vatican. But could this be done? Possibly, yes. And this is where the penultimate publication of Q, dated April 17, comes in, which basically proposes a dialogue between a military man who appears before Q, and Q himself. The dialogue goes like this:

– Ex-military here, Q.

– Please don’t disappoint us,” replies Q.

– We were willing to die then and we are still willing to die now,” replies the ex-military man.

– Make us proud, please,” Q said.

That is, you would be entrusting that ex-military man with the command of a very large and important operation. And after that, Q would post the image of the two candles, each one confined in a lamp, which, according to what we saw, could correspond to the eventual capture, not only of Pope Francis, but also of Benedict XVI, possibly to be prosecuted for their responsibility in sexual crimes and shady activities carried out by the Vatican Bank. True or not, the truth is that only time will provide the answer. True or not, the truth is that the Qanons are paralyzed waiting for the release of such enigmatic messages.

Image: youtube.com

Have the two popes been captured? Francis and Benedict XVI arrested?
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