He killed a man because he thought he could resuscitate him, and he failed

Science has shown the case of clinically dead people who come back to life and, within Christianity, the resurrection of Lazarus and Jesus himself are celebrated. Likewise, in mythology there are wonders of gods and demigods who manage to be resurrected in the most incredible ways.

The Miracle of Resurrecting dead

And it seems that all this, coupled with a reputation for working wonders, led Muhammad Sabir, a Pakistani man, to prepare for the ultimate prodigy of his life: to resurrect a dead man.

A demented act

To this end he requested the participation of a volunteer, and he soon appeared from among the prominent entourage that followed and admired the clergyman. He was Muhammad Niaz, a forty-year-old man, married and father of six. After that the religious leader proceeded to tie the man with his hands and feet on a table, then took a knife and slit his throat.

The tragic end

Once he died or on the eve of it, he uttered the words that he believed would bring him back to life but, to everyone’s surprise, nothing happened at all. Some incredulous assistant had given advance notice to the police, but it took long enough to prevent the murder. After his failed act the cleric tried to flee but was captured and prosecuted for manslaughter.

In defense of the clergyman

The deceased man’s sister, however, was neither sad nor spiteful of the religious leader and stated that his brother was now in heaven and that he would be rewarded for his faith and faithfulness in Muhammad Sabir. He also disagreed with the cleric’s capture as he argues that his brother had volunteered.

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He killed a man because he thought he could resuscitate him, and he failed
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August 28, 2019

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