Healing properties of lentils

In the food field, it is known as the lentil to the seed of the plant Lens culinaris, a species of annual herbaceous plant, which is believed to be native to the Near East, a region where it has been consumed since ancient times.

Nutritional properties

According to what historical sources point out, ancient peoples already knew the taste, versatility and great food properties of lentils, which is why their cultivation and consumption gradually spread throughout Africa , Asia, Europe, and more recently in America, not for 2008, FAO estimated that 2.82 million tonnes of lentils were produced in the world, with India being the country with the highest production.

The lentil is considered a food rich in vitamins, especially those of the B complex (B2, B3, B6) and especially B9, that is, folic acid. Also, lentils are considered a great source of fiber, iron and carbohydrates, so their consumption is considered an important energy contribution to the body.

Healing properties of lentils

However, as for lentils it isn´t all nutrition, since these seeds are also held as a food of great healing properties, since many of the substances and elements it contains in its composition are related to processes healers and restoratives, which make lentils a mandatory food of a healthy diet, as long as there is no allergy or adverse reaction to them. Some of the main healing properties of lentils include:

For a healthy pregnancy

Although folic acid is indispensable in the vital functions of the body, it is especially during the first months of gestation where its adequate levels, in the body of the mother, ensure the correct formation of the new baby. One of the most important properties of lentils is to be a great source of folic acid, so then – at least a doctor points out otherwise – it is of great benefit to consume them during the first months of pregnancy, and even when still the woman is looking to get pregnant.

Against anemia

Thus, the various nutritional studies that have been conducted around the properties of lentils, have shown that these seeds are a fairly important source of Iron, calculating that you can find at least eight (8) milligrams of this for every kilo of lentils. In this sense, its consumption may also be related to a decrease in anemia scans. Similarly, it is again a fairly beneficial food for pregnant women.

However, it is important to say that the specialists who highlight this property of lentils, also warn that the iron found in these seeds is not of as good quality as that found in meat, besides needing the presence of vitamin C to improve its absorption. In this sense, some sources advise to throw a few drops of lemon to the lentils, consume accompanied by a lemonade, or even a tomato salad.

Against constipation

On the other hand, and even if it does not seem so, the large amount of fiber contained in the lentils, makes this food act as a stimulant of intestinal transit, so they are considered as an effective remedy in cases of constipation. Similarly, their regular consumption – that is, once or twice a week – can also help to lose weight in a healthy way, as long as they are eaten accompanied by other healthy foods.

For hair loss

The presence in B-complex vitamin lentils makes these seeds also act as regenerating and restorative of the human body, with among some of its benefits stopping hair loss. For this, some naturist sources indicate that it is advisable to increase the consumption of lentils at least twice a week.

As hypertensive

Similarly, the different naturist sources agree to identify lentils as a food with high potassium content, this element that consumed properly can have a regulatory effect on blood pressure, so the consumption of lentils – unless there is a specific contraindication – it is seen as positive in people affected by hypertension, which makes lentils both as protectors of the cardiovascular system.

For healthy muscles and bones

Finally, among the large number of healthy components that lentils have, is that of being a food rich in Magnesium, this element that is associated with the health of the muscles, because it allows them to maintain their tonicity. Similarly, adequate levels of Magnesium are associated with adequate levels of Calcium in the body, so regular weight consumption could also translate into the health of teeth and other elements of the bone apparatus.

Due to its beneficial properties, it is recommended that they be part of the diet of all groups of the population: children, adults, the elderly, athletes, pregnant women. These are rich in slow-absorbing carbohydrates, highlighting starch. Proteins, high quality although incomplete because it is deficient in the essential amino acid methionine.

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Healing properties of lentils
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September 21, 2019

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