His girlfriend ripped his testicles out of jealousy

Jealousy can lead a person to commit terrible actions, many of which can lead to fatal consequences. And one of them, while seeming to sound jocular at first, happened in late 2009 in the Scottish city of Dundee when Billy Duncan, a soldier of profession, arrived at his apartment after celebrating with his friends the victory of his team and drinking some drinks.

There’s nothing more dangerous than a woman obsessed with jealousy

However, when he arrived at the apartment his girlfriend Hellen Hodge, 34, was quite upset and began to becry him, telling him that he was with another woman. However, it appears that the man didn´t pay much attention to her and after denying it he went to his room for the purpose of sleeping.

The snub furthed the woman more and, totally out of her mind, lashed out at her boyfriend, who was already undressing to go to sleep. Billy urged her to leave the apartment, causing Hellen, in an outburst of rage, to gras his two man’s testicles, hathled them so hard, to the point that he managed to tear them apart.

When Billy reacted he saw his testicles hanging between his legs and only got to call his brother, who in turn called the ambulance and the police. To the man’s fortune, doctors managed to reconstruct his genitals and return them to his post after surgery that took several hours.

Faced with the fact, the woman denied that she had taken such an action and, for her part, the soldier didn´t want to press charges, possibly not to echo further among his peers and superiors, he also mentioned that he didn´t want his three-year-old daughter, and also Hellen’s daughter , will be affected by the situation.

His girlfriend ripped his testicles out of jealousy
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August 14, 2019

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