History and curiosities of the Spanish tomatina

The tomatima is a traditional festival held in Spain in the Valencian municipality of Buñol and is recognized worldwide. In 2015 he turned 70.

A tradition of the Basque country

The origin of tomatina is very uncertain and there are several woven stories around this celebration, but the best known and accepted one says that this tradition began in August 1945 when young people started a fight to sabotage a parade of parties patrons in the village and the participants of the parade began a real pitched battle, striking all who crossed them along the way.

And it was actually a battle in which they all ended up throwing tomatoes from the vegetable stalls that were close to the place and the following year they did the same and so began this tradition that for many is absurd because huge amounts of al imsigny that they could take away many children’s hunger in the world.

The Spaniards justify the waste of tomato by arguing that those used in the festival no longer meet the requirements of the national market and that they are past and very mature.

La tomatina has also served to make film ingesds since in November 2009 the film director Dario Ferrer shot a short film about the origins of this famous celebration and in 2011 the director Zoya Akhtar a renowned director of the Hindu cinema premiere the film “Only Lives Once” whose main story unfolded during tomatina.

The tomatina is a festival that has transcended borders because it is already held in other places of the world, in Colombia more accurately in Sutamarchan since 2004 it is held and since 2011 in Chile. But in addition to these sites recently in China, Costa Rica Argentina and South Korea. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the festival and 200 tons of tomatoes will be used, more than 200,000 participants are expected.

As if there were little fans of this party who can not participate have an online game that simulates the event and allows you to connect in real time. Fun or extravagant this festival attracts thousands of tourists every year.

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History and curiosities of the Spanish tomatina
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August 22, 2019

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