History and curiosities of toilet paper

Without a doubt this grooming item is indispensable and used worldwide by billions of people every day. Before there was the usual roll that we all know, our ancestors used lettuces, rags, furs and corn leaves.

The product we use every day

Toilet paper was a Chinese invention, as in the 2nd century B.D.C. they already had a role that they developed solely for intimate grooming, this paper was used by emperors and courtiers and was half a meter wide and ninety centimeters long.

Hygiene also has social stratification since ancient Roma, affluent classes used rose-water-plated wool to make toilets in their intimate parts, while French royalty used lace and silks.

It was in 1857 that Joseph Gayetty introduced to the market the first toilet paper consisting of sheets of paper moistened with aloe vera gel and was a real luxury for courtiers of the time.

Around 1880 brothers Edward and Clarence Scott began marketing rolled dry paper as we know it today. At the time it was immoral and it was embarrassing to buy this paper because society wasn´t accustomed to such personal grooming products.

But it was not always soft and white as we get today in every supermarket in the world as in 1935 a paper whose advertising motto was “chip-free paper” was released.

Today toilet paper is not only used in toilet baths but is used in works of art, fashion catwalks, and renowned plastic artists such as Christo, Yuken Teruya have used many quantities of toilet paper in their works. In the United States there is a contest that annually gathers interesting proposals of bridal dresses made with toilet paper.

So our eternal companion is already more than 150 years old and has undergone great changes and today the paper is marketed with delicate aromas, oils and products that apparently improve the intimate health of consumers.

History and curiosities of toilet paper
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