How to be an Emo?

Today it is known as Emo to a tribe or urban subculture, which is characterized by its dark aesthetic, its particular clothes almost always associated with rock groups and their smooth and pointed hairstyles, which tend to cover their eyes. Likewise, Emo culture marks a trend of how to see the world, dictating act from the maximum emotion, that is from affectation.

Emerged in the 1980s, in the United States, it was originally a subgenre of hardcore punk, called simply Emo Music. It subsequently had great projection during the 1990s, but it was in the early 2000s that its followers define its aesthetic, based – according to what scholars of this trend claim – on the style and fashion of Spock Rock.

Today the Emo culture has returned strongly, especially in some Latin American teenagers of this decade, who haven´t only adopted the Emo aesthetic, but also decide to take on life from what the Emo world calls to be connected with emotions, which the it makes the world perceive from the maximum possible sensitivity, making it affect them, so perhaps the followers of this trend are considered by those who have no knowledge about the Emo culture as strange, isolated, depressed or shy people.

If you are one of those interested in this culture, and you have decided to assume its aesthetics and modes, surely this article will interest you, because in it we will give you some examples of how to assume an Emo style. Here’s how to be an Emo in five easy steps:


Perhaps one of the first steps to be taken to become an Emo is attitude, otherwise you will only wear clothes and accessories. However, we advise you never to do or feel anything that goes against your nature. Perhaps that’s why followers of this trend always claim a voice in the neck that “an Emo is born, it isn´t done”.

To have an Emo attitude the first thing you have to do is to get in touch with your emotions, in order to develop your emotion and sensitivity. However, you should always be aware of the thin line between hypersensitivity and depression, as the second is a condition of care.

You should also keep in mind whenever it never comes to mind to ask for help when needed. That is, if at some point of your conversion to Emo you feel that you cannot handle your emotions, or on the contrary they are the ones that overwhelm you by handling you, you need to seek help, either in your parents or some counselor, because being sensitive to the world doesn´t make you no p you can take it.

Likewise, the Emo tendency dictates that you must be a shy and a social being, that is: quiet, introverted, enigmatic. This clearly doesn’t say you can’t have friends. However, followers of this trend claim that the Emos are only dealt with with the Emo, so if you have decided to become one, it is better to know other people who follow this trend, and with whom you can share your experience, because another of the features Emo is having an equal who lives with you the things that happen to them or sadden them.

Also the Emo trend says that you must have a rebellious attitude towards the world, however this does not mean taking bad notes or getting into legal problems, rather it is about having a different way of thinking than the common denominator, that is, skipping stereotypes and be genuine. Not following the currents but being consal with one’s own thought, always knowing that being Emo will not save you from the punishment of your parents, teachers or law enforcement authorities.


Just as an Emo has a specific attitude, it must also have a habitat. In this case your room will be the place where you will live, and where you will concentrate with your Emo friends to listen to music and exchange their feelings about how the world affects them. This way your room should also represent the trend you follow.

For this there are some indispensable objects that every Emo must have in its lair: mirrors, daggers, crosses, posters of Avril Lavigne and Evanescence, photos of you (but not familiar, only of you and current). Similarly, it is necessary that the colors of your room are black, white or gray, in the combination you prefer, but only two shades.

Some advise leaving the walls white and painting the furniture black; others think it’s best to paint the walls black. Be that as it may not forget that color influences your mood, and while you are trying to feel sad and emotional, you should not abuse these feelings, because everything in excess hurts.

You must also hide all childish vestiges from your room, goodbye toys, toys or animal sheets. You can adorn with dead roses, crucifixes and posters from the Emo bands you enjoy the most. Sad phrases also work for your walls, which you can draw.


Once you’ve assumed an Emo attitude and have a suitable resting place, the next step is to accommodate your outfit according to this trend. The main thing is that you get the same flannel or T-shirt with logos and images of rock bands, because these will be your daily attire. You can wear red, black or striped ties on it.

So you should also wear skinny jeans, no wheel. It is also necessary to fill your closet with two or three black, grey or dark purple hooded sweaters, which you will always wear with the hood on.

As for shoes, these should be converse or similar model. Your accessories will always be barbed bracelets, as well as hundreds of black leagues, dark bracelets and whatever accessory you find. You can also exchange them with your Emo friends, as a sign of being the only one or the only ones who understand your pain.

Likewise this aesthetic marks that its followers must be extremely thin. If you are by nature, you’re ready. If, on the other hand, you’re overweight, you don’t need to go on extreme diets to fit in. You should never do anything you don’t want or go against you to fit into a group. You have to be aware that emo culture has evolved a lot in recent times and that she is just trying to jump over stereotypes, so if you’re not thin, it doesn’t matter.

If you’re interested in losing weight, do it for health and in the right way (diet and exercise) always remember that the most important thing is your health.

Hair and makeup

The hairstyle of an Emo is also essential, because it is the main thing that people will see in you, so some followers of this culture try very hard to achieve the ideal hairstyle. To have it the first thing you have to do is ask your hairdresser to cut your hair to tip, so that it’s easier to comb it.

The main thing is that it is very smooth (if you were born with smooth hair, you already have a great walk; if on the contrary you have curly hair, because you must use enough gel or fixer).

Once the texture and shape are achieved, it is important then that you comb your hair in a way that covers your eyes, which is essential for the Emo aesthetic. It is also advised to have some piercings on the eyebrow or lips (or both). However, these should be used only with the permission of your parents and applied by a professional. Women emo should always have a dark makeup, smoky eyes and natural colored lips.


We imagine that if you have decided to convert to Emo culture it is because you know a lot about it and you are very attracted to it. However, keep in mind that the Emo listen to certain music in specific music, such as hardcore, post-hardcore, screamo, dark cabaret and all the electronic music you want.

However you must not forget that you must do things that you like and not let yourself impose anything or do things just to fit, because precisely the rebelliousness to pre-established stereotypes and currents is what makes you a true Emo.

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How to be an Emo?
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August 31, 2019

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