How to get Tinder likes for free

Meeting people today is no longer a matter of having a great personality or being physically attractive, but also goes through the little time that people have, or for their work, study or other occupations.

An easy and simple method

Because of this, in principle, many pages emerged where it was easier to meet people for the purposes of friendship, casual relationship or more serious purposes. And in more recent time came the applications. And Tinder is, among all of them, perhaps the most successful.

And part of its success lies in the fact how practical it is to handle where it’s just a matter of swiping left or right and expecting our like to match that of someone who has also liked our profile to start talking to is person.

However, those likes, which were initially unlimited, were restricted in later versions of the app. Tindes representatives say that this action was taken to prevent misuse of the application and protect against spam and bots.

Be that as it may, Tinder’s likes, even though they have been restricted to 120 every 12 hours, are still free. The only thing you need to do to get them is to download the app available for Android and iPhone from the Google Play or from the App Store, depending on the device.

Another option to get adiconal likes is by using a second Facebook account. However, unless both accounts are constantly active and yours, it is not recommended because the second account will look like a profile sketch and will not receive the Matchs level that can have an active account.

The second account must be legitimate, and not artificially created, which would amount to violating the terms of use of the application.

Likewise, the people of Tinder release promotional codes from time to time that can be applied in the purchase of the subscription. It won’t be completely free, but it will save a part of the subscription with which also, some of the likes will be free.

One last option is to pay for the subscription tinder offers to get unlimited likes. One way to get the most out of this would be to do this when we have plenty of time to review profiles and give as much likes as possible.

Beyond this it is not possible to alter the Tinder system. However, if you are one of the people who takes the trouble to see each profile and be honest when it comes to giving “likes” or “nopes” it is safest to do with which Tinder offers for free every 12 hours.

How to get Tinder likes for free
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July 31, 2019

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