How to make trips in the future

Travelling to the future is still something that lies in the sci-fi terrain, although scientists, especially within quantum physics, do not repair in efforts to find some method that will enable them to achieve them or, at least, to make a light with respect to they and, similar to the phenomenon of teleportation, progress has already been made in the properties of matter (not in matter itself) that, although they look small, are too giant and open the door to something greater in the years to come.

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However, you don’t have to wait that long to achieve them. In this sense, it is no secret that there are several factors with which a kind of journey into the future can be achieved. The best known of them is that it would be achieved by traveling at almost the same speed of light.

In this sense, if someone travels at 99% of the speed of light for 25 days, and then another 25 days back, upon arrival he would encounter a future land, for it will have been a year since his departure.

Similar effect occurs when you are in the vortex for a few minutes or as close as possible to a black hole. When I got out of there, it would have been years, proportionally to how close it would have been to the black hole.

What happens is that gravity alters time. Another way to also achieve a lag of seconds is to approach some gigantic mole.

For example, if someone stays at the foot of a huge pyramid for several days, when they leave there their watch would be a few thousandths of a second late compared to those who had been far away.

This is why atomic clocks that are in Earth’s orbit must be synchronized daily to correct the slight time lag from the clocks that are on the ground, closer to a body exerting greater force of gravity.

With these mechanisms, it is not that a journey into the future itself is made, but they do constitute a way to potentially alter time.

How to make trips in the future
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June 30, 2019

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