How to save energy

Knowing how to save energy is an imperative for those who long to work with White Magic. Obviously, energy is the power that works wonders, such as becoming invisible, crossing walls, communicating with thought, talking to the Spirits of Nature, entering other parallel worlds, traveling through time and space, etc.

Hidden Mysteries

This energy, as has been said in other posts, is processed in seven centers located along the spine. The first five are in a pitiful state and in complete imbalance, squandering by tons this precious power that no one knows it has. The two superiors must learn them to use, because they are not fallen like the ones below.

If our goal is to save energy, we must balance the centers and to do so, we have to start by observing them instantly, instantly, from time to moment.

We must be able to self-discover the different psychological defects that are processed in each one, and with the power of Imagination, Concentration and Will, visualize that in the corresponding center a devil is set on fire in a violet flame, at the same time time we pray mentally like this: “Divine Mother, eliminate this defect.” She possesses a powerful spear, from which comes a Transmuting Beam that eliminates any psychic defects that we observepreviously.

For example, we’re walking. Suddenly, someone of the opposite sex passes, very attractive, and if we stop to self-observe how we feel in the sexual center, we will discover certain unmistakable lustful arousals and degrees.

There we must visualize with prayer the feminine part of God, God the Mother, Isis, Athena, Mary; all ancient religions and ancestral cultures worshipped God the Mother because they knew that she is within every human being and has splendid supernatural powers, capable of disintegrating a psychological aggregate or ego.

It is precisely in these pleasurable sensations that we escape and spend the Power, the alchemical material, the magical powder that makes us Higher Beings. But we must continue to observe the other centers, apart from the sexual, in this example that we are studying.

If we look with the eye of imagination, inward, towards our emotional center lower than the height of the navel, to see how we feel, for example we would observe a kind of infatuation and the desire to smell its aroma that increases even more that feeling as tingling in the stomach. Those tingles really are Emotional Energy spending on alarming piles.

For we would also do the creative visualization and the sentence of elimination to the Divine Mother, imagining a little demon burning and disintegrating by the Violet Flame of the Mighty Spear of Athena, who lives in our hearts.

This is how it should be operated with each center, in every scene and event of the daily life. In conclusion, to observe the seven centers when we go to the supermarket, when we walk the dog, when we are eating, bathing, grooming, dressing, working, having dinner, in front of another person, facing a problem, etc.

The second step is to apprehend to use the Righteous Four, to avoid the complete squeaking of Energy, by those thieves who live in our minds called Egos or Yoes, or psychological defects.

The Righteous Four are the synthesis of the Path that the Great Lord Budha taught. Straight Think. Straight Feel. Straight Talk. Straight Work.

The Righteous Thinking is self-questioning at all times, if that thought belongs to the Spirit, if it comes from the Inner God, from Consciousness; or if on the contrary, it comes from some defect self, or psychological attachor.  If so, apply the Elimination Technique.

The Right Feeling corresponds to wondering instantly and instantly, whether those self-observing feelings, each separately, come from Consciousness or is also a defect stealing energy from us. That’s only determined by the Degree of Consciousness we’ve developed.

All the emotions that are generated by listening to romantic music, reggaeton, rancheras, rock, meringues, vallenatos, champagnes, metal, etc,etc,modern music that is not produced by really Spiritual Beings (not really religious), hesses miserably the energy reserves of the Solar Plexus and we lose all our powers. All negative emotions must die.

The Right Talk consists of self-observing if what we are talking about is Consciousness. If it’s from the Spirit. If it comes from the Father. Or if it comes from a demon of our psyche, pouring the Energy out of your mouth. If it is not of the Being, instant delete with the Technique. Let us remember that Words are Creators by one hundred percent and everything that is said tends to materialize and become real on this plane.

The Righteous Work would be self-judgment if what we are doing in every instant, nourishes the Spirit. If it is an Action of Consciousness, bearing in mind that the Reason of Being being is the same Being. That is, the Actions of Consciousness are those that lead to the awakening of one and the others and in favor of others.

If it is an action that only serves to self-satisfy the animal ego, the enjoyment of the five senses, the pleasure of some psychological defect, then that action must die and one must refuse to continue in it. Similarly apply the On-March Death Visualization Technique.

As we proceed in this way, with a permanent continuity of purpose, we will initiate a Great War, a death battle against the ego, and then we will realize that almost everything we do, think, say, and feel is of the Real Spirit that dwells in our who is the God of life beyond a religion or belief.

We will realize that we only say nonsense, that we never feel anything superior, that we never think of anything useful. That we spend our time talking shallow and hollow things by spending power through our mouths and creating misfortunes when we talk about wars, diseases, problems, ailments, sadness, bitterness, etc.

But if we fight and deny ourselves, using the Super Ego Elimination Technique, we will save the prodigious Energy and start to stop being animals and we will travel our way to become authentic men and then in Super Men, in Christ All Mighty.

How to save energy
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June 30, 2019

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