How to tell if your partner knows you

When a loving relationship begins everything is passion and love, so there is no time left to think more than to be with the loved one. However, over time these feelings deepen, giving way to other stages, where other things may also be important.

In this way the popular phrase “not everything is love” is put into exercise, because what sustains a couple over the years – according to the connoisseurs in Couples Psychology – is the possibility of communication and compatibility, for these will remain once the pas initial ion has been placated.

If at this very moment you go through this stage, in which you do not know where the fire went a few months ago, and you also wonder if you are really with the right person, that is, the one who loves you, knows you and is watching for you, maybe it’s time to put into practice these little questions, whose answers will make it clear to you how well your love knows you, as well as how well you know him.

Here are a few questions to help you clarify your sentimental outlook:

About the colors

One of the quickest ways to know if someone really knows you is to practice a simple game that consists, without much thought, of closing your eyes and immediately saying what is the eye color of our partner. Sometimes people are surprised that they don’t know the tone of the loved one’s gaze. Not knowing it not only reveals little attention, but for some strange reason we are not seeing our partner in the eye.

They should also try to respond in unison what the other person’s favorite color is. Knowing this fact not only reveals that we have been listening to our partner, but we really care about their tastes and preferences, which in turn reveals an interest in pleasing them.

About tastes

You can also try asking him (and wondering) suddenly what your favorite dish is. This way, first of all, you will know if you have really been pleasing the tastes of this person, or on the contrary you have focused only on yours. You will also have much clearer where to invite your partner the next outing.

On the other hand, in light of those claimed by some couples therapy specialists, each member of couples should be aware of which person from show business the showman or companion admires, as experts say this reflex star what are the ideals of a partner that the individual has in his unconscious. However, it is not a question of our partners trying to compete or look like this ideal, but that they know us in depth, as we know them.

About idilogies and beliefs

Similarly, if you have felt that the person you have been dating for a while, it actually pays very little attention to you, it is time then that you try asking them what is the political or religious trend you follow.

In this sense, someone with whom you have had long conversations and with whom you have spent some time should know or presume what political trend you follow or what religion you profess. Otherwise you should rethink the terms of communication you have with your partner. So it is also important that you ask yourself that same question in reference to your partner, so that you do know the answer, because pertenleast those who are not paying attention are you.

About your fears

Also one of the things that can indicate whether your partner knows you or not is the knowledge that the couple has about your fears or those things that scare you the most.

On the one hand, as some interpersonal relationship specialists say, the fact that your partner knows what you fear indicates that there is a rather intimate level of communication between you, because it isn´t common for human beings to open up in front of someone to tell what makes them weak.

Likewise, the one who remembers it and knows it also indicates that he cares about knowing you and at the same time protecting you, because he is interested in knowing what makes you uncomfortable.

About plans to the future

Finally, it is important that you know – as some couples therapists point out – what plans your partner has in the future, whether they include you or not, because it is always vital to be clear within a relationship.

An exercise to establish how much you know about each other is to ask yourself individually which countries you want to visit the other person in the coming years, where you would like to live, how many children you would like to have, what you would like to study or if you have some established goals over the next ten years.

Although at the moment none of the answers include us, knowing the right one assures us more of the way to start participating in them, because they reveal to us that the levels of communication and compatibility are well, by the time the passion moves to a entrenched relationship.

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How to tell if your partner knows you
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September 18, 2019

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