Humorous and funny birthday phrases

Birthdays are one of the recurring celebrations, inevitable and what better than to break a bit the monotony and celebrate with humorous, funny birthday phrases to send the people celebrated and, of course, with which we can afford some confidence and freedoms.

Humorous and funny birthday phrases.

A few funny phrases to hesitate a little to the person who is serving years. We hope you enjoy them and have a good time, full of happiness and joy, full of gifts.

  • Someone told me there was a fire in your house, but it’s the candles that do not fit in the cake.
  • The gray hair is synonymous with knowledge, but with you we seem to be in the presence of an enlightened one.
  • That on this special day you see yourself in red so that the one who, because of that red color, becomes a bull, and you key a chunk.
  • You seem to be rejuvenating … again without hair and without teeth.
  • If you need someone to help blow out the candles it does not matter, the firemen are close.
  • For the next one we are not going to buy candles, but we are going to make a bonfire.

This does not end. More humorous, amusing, funny, or whatever you want flames are missing; but that come from hair to hesitate to someone who is turning years.

  • Do not worry about how old you are today: at least you’re better than next year.
  • Welcome to the age when it is better to forget age.
  • If you can no longer run, jog; if you can not jog, walk; If you can not walk, use the cane, but GO AHEAD!.
  • I’m your friend and I’ll be honest, it’s not to alarm you, but you’re getting old.
  • One year and it’s like you have 10, will it be because you almost reach 100?.
  • What do we do? If we buy the candles it is not enough for the cake.
  • You deserve an excellent gift, that’s why I did not bring you anything, because I’m saving for next year.
  • You’re going to finish with the calendars. Happy Birthday.
  • Today I have not brought you a gift, but I have brought you a huge hug.

Do you have other funny, funny and funny birthday phrases? Leave them in the comments. We hope you liked this post and happy birthday for your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, mother, father, son, etc.

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Humorous and funny birthday phrases
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April 2, 2019

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