Incubi and succubi, spirits of sex

If you’ve ever woken up in the night and realized that you can’t move, no way, but you’re aware of what’s going on around you. Or when you sleep, you dream of beautiful creatures of the opposite gender that make you fall at their feet, and you become desirous of the sexual pleasures they gladly offer you.

If any of this has ever happened to you, beware because it may be one of the demons, which since ancient times has been tormenting humans, and men have labeled them as the Succubus demons or for women, the Incubus demons.

They are precisely demons that like and feed on sexual energy, of course they extract it from their host by means of sexual provocations, that is why they present themselves to us as very attractive or attractive beings, according to our gender, and that with flirtations they make them fall, thus achieving their task which is to suck the sexual energy and to weaken them.

There are some myths of the Middle Ages, which comment that these demons have come to deteriorate the health and vitality of their guests to such an extent that they have died, this is because these demons have a great appetite for the so appreciated energy.

In the Middle Ages the subject of succubi was so popular that some brothels were recognized because the entrance had a representation of a succubus carved in wood. These demons were identified as beautiful women with some demon trait, either with a lizard’s tail or with wings and horns on their foreheads.

There are records of several cases of these demons, but one of the most disturbing occurred in the spring of the year 1643, when a woman from a parish went to the priest, arguing that for more than 10 years she was being harassed by a spirit that proposed to do dishonorable things. The issue became so heated that a priest was sent from the Vatican to perform an exorcism, and only with this procedure was the woman freed from that incubus or demon.


Incubi and succubi, spirits of sex
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March 1, 2020

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