Innovation and business competitiveness

Innovation is a recurring theme on the working tables of Colombian companies. But in some of them, this issue seems to generate fear and concern, since it is not such an instilled aspect in our formation; on the contrary, a collective idea has been created that innovating is typical of developed foreign cultures.

Imaginative creativity will always lead everything

Currently, companies are actually competitive, what level of innovation are they in? These are some of the questions that the executives of the large sectors of Colombian industry face this need, which is being addressed on a daily basis.

A clear account of a country’s innovation and competitiveness is clearly reflected by its position on international markets. The average production of the Latin American company is just 13 of the companies in developed countries, which is why in Latin American countries strategies of scientific and technological advancement must be implemented, to allow integration in fractions enable interaction more dynamically in business with such powers.

The construction firm ‘Korn Ferry’ conducted a survey among executives from 50 countries, which showed that 84% of them consider innovation to be a fundamental element in the dynamics of the competitiveness and transformation of the companies of the future. Similarly, they stated that innovation is closely linked to risk.

To this end, entrepreneurs fear that the “disease” of lack of innovation will infect their officials and make it difficult to find a cure. But you don’t need to visit specialists, gurus or consulting firms to find the “remedy.”

The keys to adopting a true ‘Culture of Innovation’ are: 1. Love the art of innovation. 2. Devote enough space for this. 3. Destain deeply.4. Engender her in your organization which is the team that will take you to the major leagues.5. Go beyond borders, even your own knowledge. 6. Dare, develop the smell and innovation will come to stay and you will come to love it so much, even just for what it represents in its cash flow.

Every company that has achieved success through innovation develops common attributes such as leadership, cohesion of work teams, satisfaction and competitiveness in highly profitable markets. Colombian companies that have started to develop the ‘Culture of Innovation‘ are the companies that will stand out in the future to sustain the competitiveness, production and development of emerging countries.


Due to the misuse that media tycoons are giving to television, most people who consume these strategically organized and realized programming grids block all human innovation capabilities, since there is no doubt about that significantly alters psychology.

But not only is television ruining that much-needed ability, but also all the media technology devices that currently exist, such as smart phones, computers, tablets, video games, etc., according to experts in neurosciences, decrease creativity, even if you think otherwise.

Innovation and business competitiveness
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July 28, 2019

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