Interesting facts about cats you may not have known

Admired by some; feared by others; and known to all, cats have lived with the human for at least nine thousand and five hundred years. These felines, as the name implies, are related to the carnivorous mammal family Felidae, of which it is a subspecies.

However, few are really interested in these scientific traits of cats, animals that are more striking for their strong personality, enigmatic behavior and strange methods, which some surprise and others cause admiration, for with the cat There are no middle points: you want them or abhor you, even though this second option is something difficult to believe for cat lovers, who number out of thousands around the world.

On this occasion we will present some of the most curious facts about this animal, the cat, which will leave more than one follower stunned, or even if you do not feel empathy for these felines. Here are some of the most curious facts about cats:

About their physical characteristics

1.- A curious fact of these felines is their fur color. In this way a good way to distinguish the sex of a cat without having to do a deeper examination is to look at the colors of its hair, since only the females of the cat are able to have three or four colors in their hair. If you see a cat with this amount of tones, you’re in front of a cat.

2.- The cat’s heart beats at twice the rate at which the heart of an adult human does.

3.- Despite being highly active animals, an adult cat sleeps on average sixteen to eighteen hours a day, especially during the day, spending much of the night awake, since they are essentially nocturnal animals, which also gives them another of the features by which they distinguish themselves: having one of the best night visions of nature.

4.- Likewise, their ears are a great source of information for these cats, since they are ultrasonic, that is, they can perceive sounds that are above the threshold of the human ear. However, another curious fact to narrow down in this regard is that most white cats, with blue eyes, are usually deaf, unless they have eyes of different colors.

According to some experts, the deafness gene in cats is linked to the gene that makes them born white, so most cats of this color are also deprived of the sense of hearing.

5.- Likewise you should know that no matter how much you want to share your favorite treat with your pet, chocolate is extremely toxic to a cat.

6.- One of the sounds produced by the cat is called purring, and from what scientists have discovered is specially designed to calm the cat, when it is sick or scared. Amazingly, some scientists have discovered that it has the same effect on humans, so if your cat purrs you may have sensed that you need to calm down.

7.- The balance of the cat and how they take the dimensions of the places they can get into resides in their whiskers, which change from time to time for the rest of their lives. Leaving it without whiskers is to leave it unoriented, so veterinarians advise against touching them.

On his communication with humans

1.- One of the most curious facts about the sounds emitted by a cat, is the meow or the recognized “meow”, which is pronounced by cats only to communicate with humans. Thus scientists claim that a cat never tells another “meow”, but that the felines developed that particular sound, by which we recognize them, to speak to humans.

2.- However, the cat also uses his body to issue messages directed at us and the other animals in the environment, so it is good to pay attention to them and know how to recognize them. For example, if when you get to a place, the cat and approaches with the tail fully stretched upwards, it means that it is greeting you. If he also turns his back on his back, he’s showing you the absolute confidence he has in you.

3.- You should also know that due to their ultrasonic hearing, cats are more likely to attend to the female voice, because their ear perceives the high-pitched sounds better than the bass. However, whether you are male or female, if you want to attract the attention of a cat, you will only have to snap the tongue several times, that sound will attract them immediately.

4.- Although it may seem strange at first, because of the roughness of its tongue, you should know that if a cat licks your hands or face, it is a sign of love, because it is roasting as it would with a member of its herd.

On its territoriality

1.- As much as you have bought the house where you live with your cat, you should know that for him that house, his furniture and also you are part of his domains, because a cat will never feel the pet of anyone, you are part of its territory and belong to it , even if you still believe its owner.

2.- One way to check the above statement is to look at the number of times they rub against furniture, new objects and against you, when it does fill you with its smell and marks you of its property.

3.- In this sense, as masters and lords who are, another curious fact when teaching them is to be aware that a cat does not understand what a punishment is. However, you can understand what a reward is, so a good way to train them is to reinforce the positive side when they do something that’s right.

Other curiosities

1.- Just as we have fingerprints, cats also have something unrepeatable, which makes them unique and recognizable among them: the cushion of their nose.

2.- Cats should be washed immediately after eating. In fact they are quite hygienic animals, if your cat ever gets sick, you should help clean yourself, because the only way of being dirty can plunge your pet into a terrible depression.

3.- Apparently, according to scientists, black cats tend to be quieter than white cats.

4.- Cats hate the smell of lemons and oranges. Apparently for them these citrus fruits are the worst things on earth.

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Interesting facts about cats you may not have known
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August 31, 2019

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