Introductory example for a written work

Many times in the life of a student is critical when you must write something for your subject, but does not know how to begin to write it, in what sense, with what words. Or he simply does not find that “inspiration” that is needed. So it is necessary to resort to an example of introduction for a written work, where it is oriented, where a kind of method that allows a good introduction is exposed. Well this is the case, and let’s see it in more detail.

The importance of organizing ideas

Well, you really do not need any inspiration, but simply to expose the main aspects, sequentially and orderly. For this you can start with some introductory phrase such as:

As we can see, this is a very good way to begin our introduction and it is a good example of an introduction to a written work. However, we can also do something more elaborate, perhaps putting some precedents to our work, especially if it is research, a historical context, until the time comes to expose the multiple factors that give reason to that “something” that motivates our work.

At a later point we went on to explain the main points that we are going to address and, if that is the case, the methodology as well. For example:

In this document we will address the main aspects of the theory of the evolution of species, not only from the biological perspective, but also genetic, anthropological archeology.

In a first time the fundamental points that this theory exposes will be presented, followed by the aspects contemplated by genetics.

Finally, we will finish by explaining the implications of the discovery of Burguess Shale, in which the analysis of thousands of fossils from the Cambrian period suggest that evolution did not occur in a species of cone of increasing diversity, as Darwin’s evolutionary theory explains, but on the contrary, that in principle, there was an explosion of life, an enormous multiplicity and disparity of anatomical models that later, after its decimation, it is reducing.

Thus, the evolution is not a cone of increasing diversity, but decreasing

So far the example, with this, in broad strokes and with the respective changes that may take place, already laid the groundwork to write our own model of introduction for the subject that is (biology, Spanish, mathematics, physics, etc.) , in a certain written work. We will also expand this entry with a similar article in the introduction example.

Obviously, even if one relies on similar articles, all aspects must be in accordance. The fundamental thing is that there is coherence, cohesion and syntax. When you have the clarity and understanding of the various keys to the writing, producing a text, whatever your branch, is much easier and more fun.

We want to know your opinions about it and above all, your experiences when writing a written work. What is most difficult for you and, at the same time, what is most helpful when composing texts? Write your answers and contributions in the comment box.

Introductory example for a written work
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June 17, 2019

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