Is Michael alive?

This isn´t a new hypothesis and, indeed, it has previously been suggested by several people based on several arguments trying to prove that the pop idol would not have died on June 25, 2009. Let’s look at the main ones of them.

michael jackson esta vivo

  1. The lyrics to your x-scape song read verbatim:

I have to escape and free my mind.
Escaping is what I need,
get away from this electric look.
No matter where I am, my face is everywhere.
They make lies with my name on them.
and take them from city to city.

The clear message is to run away, to hide, but if we apply it to Michael Jackson, why would he have to escape?

  1. Michael Jackson was explicit in stating, before he died, that he wanted his inheritance to reach his children, not at the age of majority, but at the age of forty.
  2. Michael Jackson had stated that he had serious financial problems and had even come to be threatened with death, not only himself but also his family. This same version would be confirmed by Conrad Murray’s lawyer in 2011. Thereby it is speculated that the king pop would have made a decision both bold and risky. Such a decision was to fake his death.

This had all the advantages because being legally dead was free of its creditors, among which would be members of the Russian Mafia and lawyers to which he owed huge amounts of money for his defense in the multiple cases of sexual abuse. In short, Michael Jackson had debts of billions he couldn’t pay.

Moreover, such an action allowed him to safeguard his life.

Michael Jackson is Dave Dave

In mind, the Russian production company AEG would have realized that Michael Jackson could be worth more dead than alive given the huge income that his death would generate through a proper media boom.

With all this in mind, Michael Jackson would have been forced to simulate his death. The condition would be that it would never be presented in public again.

In consideration of all this, his and his family were spared their lives and, from the income of the media boom that would generate his death and subsequent profits from advertising and disc sales, the debt he had pending would be paid , at the rate that he would also be allowed to have a remnant of that income.

Michael Jackson attended his own funeral

To complete the plan, Michael had to preferably undergo surgery to modify the appearance of his face, which he would have done. He would have assumed another identity and, according to the conspiracy isstimus, now he would serve as Dave Dave.

However, no less striking is the woman who attended Michael Jackson’s funeral and was not on the guest list and who bears a striking physiognomic resemblance to the king of pop. Could Michael Jackson have attended his own funeral? Truth or lie, the truth is that he has become a true music legend who, most likely, will continue to remain for a long time as the undethroneable king of pop.

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Is Michael alive?
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June 30, 2019

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