Killing fashions: objects that alter women’s health

Today, a series of fads have been triggered that undermine the health and normal functioning of the body and all to comply with the stereotypes that the advertisements impose.

The terrible cost of vanity imposed

Jeggings are tight pants that pretend to be jeans and became fashionable in 2010 repeatedly this awkward outfit has been called “the trend of hell” in different mass media in the United States.

In some commercial establishments the sale and distribution of this garment has been banned as its extreme narrowness can cause serious problems in the circulation of the whole body but mainly in the inguinal area what on several occasions has resulted in serious infections.

The corset has accompanied female vanity for many centuries and has been used to narrow the waist and pronounce curves but the use of this garment causes many problems since according to various scientific research it has been proven that its use decreases the capacity and causes damage to the internal organs and can even deform the skeleton.

Since 2012 a fashion was imposed that violates the functional ergonomics of the spine, the XXL size wallets that since that time have remained in force as a fairly cool accessory but its continuous use can cause severe back pain, changes drastic posture and in some cases severe headaches, on average these wallets can weigh 6.5 kilos and are usually filled with objects that can often be unnecessary.

Heels are perhaps the most dangerous and unnatural fashion that is also worn by more than 70% of women worldwide, Stilettos are characterized by having a very thin and metallic long heel and are very famous since 1950 it is obvious that the scientific community respal gives the idea that this particular footwear represents a whole torture for the body because podiatrists warn that the continued use of this footwear can affect the body’s natural posture and that above all it can damage many muscles and tendons.

Well says the old and well-known saying “Although the monkey is dressed in cute silk stays” and at what price!

Killing fashions: objects that alter women’s health
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August 14, 2019

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