King of Pentacles Tarot card meaning


Known as King of Pentacles, this card comes to occupy the 14th – and last – position of the Pentacles suit of the Lesser Arcane of the Tarot. On this occasion we offer a synthesis of the symbolic features of this card, as well as the generality of interpretations that are attributed to it by the cartomantics specialized in this divinatory method.

Based on the Tarot Rider deck, in this card we can see the print of a man, who wears it luxuriously, while resting on a throne: a King. However, most symbol scholars repair the darkness of this card’s clothing and atmosphere.

They also underline the apparent passivity that this man reflects on his face. However, these traits are interpreted by most as a sign of courage and repressed or latent strength.

Similarly, this titanic force that is dressed in passivity – for those understood in symbols – reflects the maturity and wisdom that this King has attained, who was surely impatient and impulsive in his youth, but learned the value that patience has when it comes to the hour to sow and reap triumphs.

In his right hand he holds a scepter, and with his left a gold coin, on which is inscribed a pentacle, symbol of the element Earth, which is also the element represented by the suit of Pentacles.

Some tarotists see in this card and in the attitude of the King, who has his castle behind him, the card of triumph and victory, but not random and sporadic, but of the one that is lived daily.

So many agree that the King of Pentacle almost always makes references to successful people – especially men– or with positions of great power.

However, they also emphasize that although you can see their castle, the throne of the King of Oros is in the midst of nature, as a sign that this sovereign has learned that although power and exercise it is important, one cannot lose sight of enjoying life  and its pleasures, as well as our surroundings.


As for the concrete planes of existence, the Golden King also has meanings for each one. For example in the field of work, this card talks about the well-aspected possibility that the consultant has to open his own business or his own company, if that is his wish, because he has all the possibilities and the knowledge to achieve it.

Likewise, this card refers to the arrival of a very mature and very good economic position man who will help with his advice and support the consultant in his task and learning in the work area, so he can refer to a boss , a partner or simply a man from whom we cannot waste his advice, for he has achieved great things over the years.

For its part, in the economic sphere, this card talks about good luck in business. Somehow it refers to the one who has the gift of multiplying money and the eye for good business, so this card comes to bring a message of prosperity and gain, as long as the consultant remembers the importance of patience, awareness and intuition to do business, for impulses and anxiety can lead us to not-so-successful terrain.

Likewise the presence of the King of Oros comes to warn the consultant about the need not to forget his family, partner or friends for dedicating himself only to business or to collecting money, for the King of Oros speaks of precisely that, to have the triumph but nor forget life, so the balance of where the courage is drawn to keep fighting and triumphing.

Likewise, this card refers to the appearance of a dark man with clear eyes who will come to occupy the position of important partner for us, for his experience and advice will be fundamental.

Likewise, on the love plane, this card speaks of a loving relationship that will bring great learning and success to the consultant. If the person asking is a woman, the presence of the King of Pentacle may be indicating the arrival in his life of a mature and experienced man, with a great economic position, from whom he will learn much.

It owns business and has a fairly stable position, so it can offer you a strong future. If, on the contrary, the consultant is a man, this card announces the arrival of a stable relationship from which a great deal will be nourished, for a couple that can be trusted and supported is the key to thriving in company life. In case the consultant already finds a stable relationship, the presence of the King of Oros indicates that the couple is about to start or buy a new home, and even start a business together.

If it appears inverted

Like the rest of the Tarot cards, the Golden King also has a specific meaning if it appears inverted, that is, head, in which case it loses a lot of its positive traits.

In this case more than experience, this card speaks of something that has aged or lost its validity, so it is signified to die, because it is not able to reinvent itself. Likewise, the inverted King of Pentacles talks about stumbles in business, which don´t finish advancing, or upgrading.

This card – within a work or economic consultation – may be talking about the inability of a company to adapt to the new technologies and challenges presented by the present.

As for the sentimental, this card may be telling us about someone’s rather older loving intentions toward us. He also warns the consultant that he has taken an overly conservative attitude in some aspects of his life, and that perhaps it is time to renew himself.

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King of Pentacles Tarot card meaning
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September 11, 2019

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