King of Swords Tarot card meaning


Known as King of Swords, this card comes to occupy the 14th – and last – position of the Sword of the Darkest Arcane suit. On this occasion we present a synthesis of the main symbolic features, as well as the general interpretations attributed to this card by Tarot card specialists.

Taking as reference the deck of Rider, in this deck we can see head on the image of a mature man, dressed in majestic clothes, who wears a crown on his head and rests on a great throne: a King.

Like his companion, the Queen of Swords the King of Swords also has a crown and throne dressed with figures of butterflies and cherubs, which join the clouds that loom by the after his throne, represent the element Air, also represented in turn by the stick Swords, so this card – according to the specialists in symbols– comes to evoke the mental skill, the power of communication, the intuitive force, the honesty, the spontaneity and laughter.

However, unlike the Queen of Swords, the King of Swords holds his sword in his hand, while tilting it to the right side, demonstrating that while he has the qualities of the Air element, he is inclined to action, a sign that seems to reassert himself with  the red color of his cape.

Likewise, the experts in symbology and tarot cannot fail to see similarities between the attitude of the King of Spade and the Emperor’s provisions, which reaffirms another of his interpretations, which speak of the decisive character of the King, who does not leave so much for the ide alism, but for practical actions.

As with the other cards in the court, the King of Swords can appear in the middle of a reading to refer to someone specific. In this case he may be talking about a mature man, of power, he may be a military man or a man of law. Likewise, this man has a command position, in which far from giving suggestions, he constantly issues orders.

However, he has a great judgment, he is a leader followed by his subordinates, from whom he has been able to earn respect, thanks to the brilliantness of his intellect. He is a man from whom you can learn a lot, because it has been cultivated over the years and has important knowledge, both intellectually and life experience, a strange combination that is not found everywhere.


As for the specific blueprints of existence, the King of Swords card also has specific meanings. For example in a consultation on the work level, the presence of this card can warn the consultant about the need to put his intellect to work in order to become the one who provides the solutions in a team, not the problems.

Likewise, this card warns the consultant about the arrival in his field of a very wise man, who is interested in practical solutions, and from whom surely the consultant will be able to learn a lot, as long as he is willing to learn, because not only the arrival of the teacher is necessary, for knowledge to occur it is necessary for the student to be open to teaching.

In the economic area, the presence of this card tells us about the need to be practical in finance, that is, to place our feet on the ground and meet basic needs, before letting our thinking prefer to constantly decide complacency and irresponsibility.

In this case, the King of Swords may be reminding the consultant of the need to first attend to priority areas, as well as the essentials of organizing a budget. Have good judgment and be practical and cautious when managing finances.

Emotionally, the presence of the King of Swords may be indicating an overly intellectual moment for the person, who may have fallen into the vice of having to analyze everything, without giving himself the opportunity to just feel.

In this case it is necessary to forget the intellect a little and activate the heart a little more, which doesn´t mean losing judgment or being at the expense of emotions.

Likewise, the King of Swords warns the consultant about the need not to compete with the pair, since it is a company not a rivalry, besides that this competition wears out and injures each other to the point of distancing them and inc I used to cause the relationship to break.

If it appears inverted

Like the rest of the Tarot cards, the King of Swords has a specific meaning if he comes to appear headfirst, i.e. inverted, in which case he loses the sense of action he had when he was entitled, to become infected with the idea of and paralysis.

That is, the King of Swords when he is upside down constantly calls not to move, to prevent the action, but not as the most appropriate decision, but simply because he doesn´t want things to change, even if necessary.

Similarly, he can refer to someone obsessed because things stay the same or are done as he says, a boss who doesn’t accept other points of view, except those who may contain a shred of renewal. Likewise, diametrically opposed to the King of Swords right, this card in the inverted position speaks of the person who has difficulty finding practical solutions in life.

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King of Swords Tarot card meaning
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