King of Wands Tarot Card Meaning


With the name of King of Wands, this card comes to crown and occupy the fourteenth position of the Wands stick of the Lesser Arcanes of the Tarot. In this article we want to express a synthesis of the interpretations made of them by the specialists in this divinatory method that the tarotists say emerged in medieval Italy.

In this card we can see in profile a mature man, seated on a throne: a King. Likewise, his throne is adorned with lions and salamanders, respective symbols of the zodiac sign Leo and the guardian of fire, so we can infer that in addition to being the King of Wands, he is the ruler who dominates over the element of fire. In this way, some experts in symbology give the King of Wands also the ability to be the creator of the fire.

On the other hand, the salamanders that adorn the back of his throne, unlike the Page Wands (see more information in Meaning of the Page of Wands Tarot Card) and the Knight of Wands (read more in Knight of Wands Card Tarot Meaning) if he dies they queue, as a sign of cycle closure, that is, the activities undertaken by this King are completed, as a sign of responsibility and maturity.


As for the general meanings of this card, the King of Wands – like the stick cards – talks about the importance of making decisions. It also brings with it a message of courage, of daring to prove, however with the maturity and responsibility conferred on him by being a King, which allows him to know how to distinguish between good opportunities and those that will not bring good things.

He also talks about the importance of the consultant taking the reins of his life and no longer being just a passive observer, otherwise others will continue to make the decisions for him, rather than being the protagonist and actor of his life. Likewise, the presence of the King of Wands – whatever thesubject is spoken of – refers to the need to nurture our leadership in the different facets of our lives. It’s time to build our way.

For specific areas of existence, this card also has particular meanings. For example in the field of work the presence of this card means colloquially “take the pan by the handle”, in which case it is necessary for the consultant to take responsibility for drawing his own destiny.

It’s time to have security, throw and trust yourself. If the consultant is looking for a job, he needs to be confident in his talents. If on the contrary you are in a job that no longer fills it, the presence of the King of Wands is an invitation to take risks and apply or accept other offers, always aware that it is the cards around that will complete the meaning of this King.

On the feeling level, the appearance of the King of Wands speaks of the arrival of great moments of passion. Likewise this card announces the infatuation towards a person who is the center of all looks and all compliments, due to his charisma and sexapeal.

However, the card of the King of Wands speaks of a person who comes and goes, that is that in his life of work or business don´t allow him to stay for a long time in the same geographical place, so if he is looking for a permanent company, this card may not be telling you what you are looking to find.

Likewise this card can tell us about men of great power, as military, or whose works indicate great risks, since the sense of adventure and adrenaline that this card has with it links it to extreme activities.

As for health, the presence of the King of Wands indicates the need for the consultant to practice more outdoor activities, to travel and to move, since the confinement can only cause loneliness, worry and anxiety, so sport and aventure advised as methods to release stress.

To the economic level, this card also brings with it a message that invites action, because it is time to take the rein of our finances, so if you are considering making an investment, it may be a good idea to take a risk. However, as in any reading, the interpretation of each card must be made in context, in order to be as clear as possible the message dictated by this divinatory method.

If it appears inverted

Like all tarot cards, the King of Wands also has a specific meaning if it appears inverted within a reading, i.e. head. In this sense, the King of Wands completely loses the positive qualities he presented when he appeared right.

In this way, instead of referring to a respected and wise leader, you can realize a bigoted being who earns the following of others through fear. It can also tell us that this is not the time to act, but to remain calm.

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King of Wands Tarot Card Meaning
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August 31, 2019

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