Knight of Pentacles Tarot card meaning


Knight of Pentacles Tarot card meaning

Known as Knight of Pentacles, this card ranks number twelve on the Gold slate of the Tarot Lesser Arcanes. On this occasion we will present a summary of the interpretations attributed to this deck by the specialists in this divinatory method apparently emerging in the Middle Ages in Italy.

Based on the Tarot Rider deck, in this chart we can see in profile the print of a knight, of armor, riding on a tall, large and black horse, which for some represents the slowness or the lack of speed with which certain matters can be resolved.

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This rider holds in his hands a gold coin, which has a pentacle minted in it, as a symbol of element Earth.

Also some symbol specialists highlight the way this rider looks at this coin, as if he couldn´t stop looking at it. In this sense the specialists warn of the energetic impossibility of releasing matters and desires for these to flow through the universe and return materialized in what we want, so the rider is more focused on firmly holding the coin in place to let her travel so that she would return turned into riches.

Likewise, the size and appearance of the horse in this card is interpreted by some as an extremely heavy stamp, which inspires a feeling of heaviness and delay, so many tarotists agree that this card almost always indicates delays in processes as well as news that don’t come. However, this card may also refer to those things that do not let us move forward.


As for the general plans of existence, this card also has specific meanings. For example, in the workplace, this card talks about the importance of investing a great effort to receive the profits.

Thus the Golden Knight makes references to the triumphs obtained after investing a great effort. They are the triumphs obtained with effort, perseverance and dedication. Similarly, it may indicate that the consultant is in the presence of a boss or a very conservative company, where he probably has to do things the old-fashioned way, without implementing any of the innovations or good practices.

However, this effort will be rewarded with great economic and work stability. In this sense, the appearance of the Card of the Knight of Ores in a labor consultation warns the consultant of the importance of adapting to the circumstances and doing things the old-fashioned way, that is, being punctual, responsible, meticulous and obedient as to the work instructions, which, while a slow path, represent the safe path to great achievements.

For its part, the economic plane also receives a message of staying in the most conservative area possible, because taking a risk at the moment or trying to implement novel methods that promise to earn large sums in a short time can result in loss of money.

Likewise, if the consultant is waiting for a charge of money or the resolution of some legal process that involves the receipt of a significant sum, the presence of the Knight of Pentacles within the reading augurs the delay of this type of process or arrival of Profits.

The consultant is also advised to refrain from any attempt to gain fortune by betting, as the presence of this card may warn of significant losses from entering the grounds of chance.

In short, it could say that Knight of Pentacles announces about the profit of money, but the consultant will have to resort to traditional methods to do so: work. Likewise this card may be referring to a long or overland journey.

Thus also the loving plane also has an interpretation in the presence of this card. In this plane, the appearance of the Knight of Pentacles may be referring to a romantic relationship where one of the two does not end up committing, so the affective bond is paralyzed, that is, without advancing or growing.

This card may refer to those types of couples who have been dating for years without finishing materializing a family. It can also refer to the moment when two people who like each other fail to realize a bond for fear of either.

If it appears inverted

Like each of the cards that make up this divinatory method, the Golden Knight also has a particular meaning if he comes to appear within a reading invertedly, that is, head.

In this case, the consultant must open his eyes well, for almost always this card gives account of the arrival or presence of a deceptive and untrustworthy person. Likewise, it may be referring to the arrival of potential fraudsters, so it should be avoided to make investments or businesses with those we are meeting recently, because not all that shines is gold.

Similarly, the inverted Knight of Pentacles carries a message of care, as his presence may refer to some danger on the road or about a possible incident on a trip. However, account should be taken of the cards with which this card is accompanied, in order to know exactly the message it carries.

However, the tarotists point out that the type of incidents related to this card indicate setbacks, which in no way put the person’s life at risk, but are more tied to the concept of delay, so it is recommended to take forecasts.

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