Knowing how many years a person is going to live

Some Eastern traditions ensure that every living organism has a total of 2.7 billion beats over the course of its life. This is known as the Unit of Life. That same amount corresponds to the ant or man, mosquito or elephant.

A pretty interesting calculation

What happens to the mosquito that only lives one summer afternoon is that the heartbeat occurs at an impressive speed, at a higher rate than in other animals or in humans.

To perform this calculation what we must do is to count how many beats we have per minute and, after this, perform the respective mathematical operation.

Once this is done we will have an approximate of what, in normal terms, will live a certain person. Of course, we must keep in mind that the heart of the newborn beats more times than that of an adult, and that it gradually decreases into adulthood.

It is also interesting that the woman’s heart beats by the usual, faster than that of the man. This mechanism for calculating life time doesn´t cover lifestyle habits, diseases or accidents that may occur, so it should only be taken as a reference.

The end result can be subtracted by two years and this will give us a lifetime limit. According to this method, living beyond that limit is impossible, unless in the future the heart slowed down, which would allow and explain an extension in the lifetime.

Knowing how many years a person is going to live
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August 14, 2019

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