Koro: the strange syndrome that makes a man’s limb turn into a woman’s

Until recently, male organ transplantation was in a gray area and there was no news about…

The world’s first male limb transplant

For a man, and unless he wants to make a gender change, the fact that his virile member is transformed into a female member must be something traumatic, and although in principle we might think that something like this is impossible to happen, the reality is different, and science and medicine have thousands of registered and documented cases.

However, this is not a physical pathology, but a mental one, although its implications are equally dramatic. It is known as Koro’s disorder, a mental disorder suffered mainly by people from China, although isolated cases have also been diagnosed in people from all over the world and from different ethnic backgrounds.

People suffering from this disorder see their penis gradually shrink to the point of disappearance and, in the most extreme cases, assume the shape of the female organ.

Of course, and as we clarified at the beginning, it is not that this happens physically, but it is a psychological pathology that must be treated by the specialist.

It seems that this disorder would have its origin in the fear of Chinese men to satisfy a woman because of the size of their member, as well as the concern or belief that it is reducing and that, eventually, it will disappear.

A similar pathology to that of men also occurs in women, except that there is a belief that their nipples are getting smaller and smaller, to the point of disappearing.

Although the disorder is usually temporary, such episodes are more normal than one might think, to the point that it has been recorded in the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, prepared by the American Psychiatric Association, which treats problems from simple sleep disorders to severe psychiatric disorders.

Koro: the strange syndrome that makes a man’s limb turn into a woman’s
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March 1, 2020

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