Learn about the medicinal properties of coriander

Since ancient times man has known the healing properties of plants, which are full of substances and elements that help to cure diseases, nutrition and the prevention of infections.

It doesn’t just taste, it’s not that it’s medicine

Although the use of these healing plants should never replace the medical treatment indicated by a professional, they arise as an option to incorporate into our diet, in order to make it much healthier.

On this occasion we will talk about the plant coriandrum sativum, popularly known as Cilantro or also coriander, which being the usual inhabitant of our garden and kitchen, in addition to its rich flavor and utility as a seasoning, also offers us benefits for the health and treatment of certain conditions. Here are some uses you can give coriander in your health:

a) Thanks to its antispasmodic properties the coriander becomes a good option to treat diarrhoeal pictures. For this you can take about thirty grams of fruits from the coriander plant and prepare an infusion, which will be given to the patient in amount of a cup after each meal. It should be noted that this consists of an alternative treatment that in no case can replace the medical opinion or the treatment given by it.

b) Likewise, the rich linalol content of its fruits make the coriander an excellent digestive that allows to treat pictures of constipation, among other digestive disorders. Likewise, it has anti-flatulent properties so it is very useful for the expulsion and removal of gases.

c) Consumption of coriander fruit, which can be consumed in the form of an infusion or pulverized, is an effective stimulant of the nervous system, so it is recommended as a restorative, however it should be taken into account that like every plant its over-consumption may cause side effects or adverse situations.

d) Coriander is also a natural chelator, so its consumption helps to remove residues of heavy metals, especially lead, from the blood, making it an ideal alternative treatment for this condition. However, heavy metal poisoning involves a delicate health box that must be closely monitored by a medical professional.

e) Likewise, according to plant specialists the coriander have great purifying properties, so its consumption is recommended to clean the blood. It can also be used as an adjuvant for decreased high cholesterol levels.

f) It is also recommended as a natural antibiotic, so it is advised to increase its consumption in the daily diet. It is a good idea to eat it regularly in salads, soups and as a daily seasoning. However, it should not be overlooked that as a plant its intake cannot at last be exaggerated. It can also be used as an assistant for wound healing.

g) Coriander is also an important galacten, so its consumption during lactation can stimulate the mother’s milk production.

This plant can be consumed in different ways. Its seeds are an excellent seasoning. Its leaves can be used in salads, soups and also as seasonings of our red and white meats.

Likewise its fruits are recommended as natural medicine, as well as the essence of coriander. However, it is not enough to note that excessive consumption of coriander essence can cause neurological disorders such as poisoning or seizures, so it should be done with care and always advised by a naturist or botanical professional.

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Learn about the medicinal properties of coriander
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August 22, 2019

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