Mahon’s Haunted Hospital

All researchers of paranormal phenomena agree that hospitals and health centers are the perfect places where countless strange presences of entities and other nature of these unexplained events are recorded.

Mahon’s Haunted Hospital

High-level paranormal phenomena

According to certain theories, because many people lose their lives in these places, some of those souls are trapped in this world and are what popular culture has called “souls in sorrow”.

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One of the most impressive evidence sat in this regard, he obtained nothing more, nothing less, than the Spanish Civil Guard. The latter was informed by the watchman of the Vergue del Toro Hospital, in the city of Mahón in Spain. By those days, coincidentally, those facilities had finally been closed.

The caretaker, about two o’clock in the morning of a particular October day, 2007, noticed loud and strange noises coming from the upper floor. However, when he was going to find out what it was about, he could see absolutely no one.

Unexplained noises continued until six in the morning. Trying not to panic and despair, the courageous guard chose to call the Civil Guard.

When the agents arrived at the scene, they immediately headed to the area pointed out by the warden and when exploring it,they mysteriously saw nothing, but security monitors recorded laughter, conversations, whispers, sobs, but no one in specific .

As if that weren’t enough, when they looked from outside the building, the lights were visible on and off, as well as shadows of people projecting on the walls.

The cops were quite dismayed, but skeptical of any paranormal phenomena; they felt that these were some prankster vandals and so they requested more reinforcements.

When they arrived and carried out a new inspection, they encountered the same surprises, but found no one of flesh and blood.Already in a strong anguish and anxiety, they decided to call the canine unit of the Spanish Police.

Things were getting very complicated, especially because the intensity of paranormal events was greatly increasing; so, when they were back in the rooms already inspected, the beds were changed and the weirdest thing was that those furniture were too heavy and complex to move. From one round to another, everything changed, even the bulbs, the closet doors, etc.

The dogs still did not detect anything physically, but as they climbed into the elevator, the dogs began to cry and refused to leave the elevator. The noises were increasing by the campus and everything seemed to come from the curto floor, where they went again. In this latest exploration, the police officers fully recount, that they encountered the shadow of a tall woman, who seemed to peek into a corner.

So the officers shouted at him to identify himself or they would shoot him; but in those moments, the shadow faded in front of his eyes.

Several years have passed and no further explanation is yet given by the authorities themselves, that it is all a strange paranormal phenomenon. Today, the noises continue, shadows, sobs and the neighbors of the site claim that you often see the lights on of the abandoned building.

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