Man had to decide between saving his girlfriend or his ex

The unusual case occurred in China in early 2015, when Wu Xia, a 21-year-old man, ended his love affair with Jun Tang. Soon after that, and although he was still frequented by his ex-girlfriend, he met Rong Tsao, a woman with which he began a new relationship.

A difficult choice, isn’t it?

However, Jun Tang did not resign himself to losing the man and called him and interfered in the relationship. Both women harassed and both turned to the man to tell him inflatedly what one had done to the other.

The man, tired of the situation decided to confront both women to make things clear. He organized a meeting where the three met and, although the issue seemed to work and the relationship seemed to take a quiet course, it all ended unexpectedly as Jun Tang, the young man’s ex-girlfriend, decided to jump into a flowing river that was near the place to force the man to throw himself into the river to rescue her, thus showing that he still loved her.

However, Rong Tsao, her new partner, fearing that the man would start to save her – leaving her in a disadvantaged position – also decided to jump into the river. Now both women were in danger and he could only save one of them, and both were at risk of drowning.

Indeed, the man without hesitation, threw himself into the river and went after Rong Tsao and as he could he came out of the water and went with her to the nearest hospital while, on the way, he called a relative near the site to go to the river and save Jun Tang , the man’s ex-partner. Both women survived and, after the incident, the situation was clarified.

Man had to decide between saving his girlfriend or his ex
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July 27, 2019

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