Man is eaten by shark (debunked)

Analysis of the video in which a man is eaten by a live, devoured shark. Denied, great montages. Person killed by a shark on the beach. Mysteries solved.

Hombre es devorado por tiburon

Camera caught a guy who is devoured by shark

Browsing the web you can find the video of a man who is apparently eaten by a shark, live and live. The images are very shocking, however could it be a montage? Everything indicates that yes and these are the reasons:

  1. The video quality is not very good, indicating that it would have been recorded with an old device, which usually have a 4 3 screen appearance. However, the video has a screen appearance of 16 9, typical of devices of better resolution.
  2. The water level, when the man greets the camera is only a couple of centimeters, and only one meter later can not go beyond half a meter, which makes it impossible to swim for sharks, who prefer much deeper waters.
  3. It is virtually impossible for the man not to see the shark approaching, nor react because it clearly sees its advance when it is still several meters away.
  4. It is also strange that man does not react to the cries cast by his companions when the shark has not reached him, not even the slightest scare reaction.
  5. The camera is not in a static position, so it was not recording on tripod or anything like that. The funny thing is that the person recording also does not make the slightest movement in the hand in expression of scare or surprise.
  6. The depth of the water is so low that it makes it impossible for a shark to be able to hold a sustained stake.
  7. The man must have noticed the approach of the shark after he raises his hand, for there is a moment when he looks in that direction. Likewise, his companions should have also done so, and not shout only when he is only a few meters away.
  8. The man is one more line here, while the shark swims in parallel a little beyond. However, inexplicably, within seconds it appears on the same trajectory as the shark, which proceeds to devour it.
  9. And the obvious is evident. It’s really not a shark, it’s about an orca that goes after a seal and which do surface.
  10. The video really appears to have been a commercial made to promote the Lucky Pencils The Little Mermaid. Not all pencils are lucky, it would be part of the script.

For these reasons we consider that the video is false, that it is only a montage, specifically one created for promotional purposes, which leaves the matter resolved.

We invite you to analyze the video by yourself and in that way, you can comment your perspective in the comments box. Remember that we are not trying to defend or accuse the video, because this corresponds to each viewer. It is true that many false cases abound on the internet, just to get attention and gain views. However, cases like this one have been presented along the coastal places.Video version: Man is eaten by a shark

Video version: Man is eaten by a shark

Original video:

Man is eaten by shark (debunked)
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June 30, 2019

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