The Tarot Cart’s Card Meaning: Kabbalah

Known as The Car, this card ranks number seven within the Tarot’s major arcane. On this occasion we will dedicate ourselves to explaining the generality of its symbolism, as well as a synthesis of most of the interpretations that The Car may have within a reading of this divinatory method that apparently originated during the fifteenth century in Europe, specifically in Italy.

The Surprising Arcane 7

In this card you can see in front of a man, who is riding in an old carriage, who is flattered by two sphinks. This character’s attitude can be described as triumphant, so some experts in symbology point out that this card relates to the ability to walk triumphantly through life. The character in The Wizard’s card carries in his right hand a scepter, which most agree to point out indicating his power on the ground plane. However, his blue cape indicates that he is also blessed with great spiritual strength.

The sphinines that haluna your carriage also indicate different planes. Each of them follows different directions, a situation that is interpreted by some tarotists as indicative of the one who consults has all the tools in their hands to get what he wants or coffers. However, it must also have the ability to maintain balance.

In general areas the appearance of this card within a reading, although the cards of which it is accompanied must always be taken into account, almost always indicates successes, travel, social, labor or geographical movements, assy, energy and triumph. In temporary terms, the cart’s charter – according to most tarotists – signals the time elapsed in a year.

Likewise, for other currents of thought, such as cabalistic, the cart chart is associated with the Hebrew letter Zaín, as well as the sign Cancer, the planets the Sun and Mars. For its part, esotericism prefers to associate the card of The Car with the sign Geminis, perhaps because of the duality symbolized in his horses. It also links it to the planet Mars, to the element of fire and to the summer season.

For numerology, on the other hand, the card of The Car represents the number seven (7) which is associated with the idea of God, that is, the most important number, consisting of the three (3) representing the trinity, and the four (4) representing the duality , the number of man, and creativity. So according to the interpretation of the numerology this card retains only positive aspects and constitutes one of the most important cards of the Tarot.

Likewise, the meaning of The Car can also be interpreted both in the spiritual, material and emotional planes as the need to act, to seek balance, to make decisions, in order to open the paths that lead to triumph, success, advancement, who are at your fingertips, separating them from the person who coffers them, simply the value of having them.

Likewise, already in the context of a reading and according to what most experts in this divinatory art point out, The Car points out to the consultant that his life goes through important moments, where he cannot prolong much longer the need to take the Opportunities. Likewise, it points to travel, ascents, adventures.

In specific terms, Cart’s card in a reading made to probe love life may be referencing a daring and adventurous lover, who may be in a position to find a new relationship. They also point to cycles that return to bring complications, such as old loves.

If, on the other hand, the consultant wants to analyze his health side, The Cart´s Card  may be indicating the possibility of future complications. In another sense, if the consultation is done to review the economic part, Cart’s Card may signal a positive increase in economic income. It may also indicate the possibility for the consultant to get out of old debts. At the work level, this card can indicate a force influx in this area. It also heralds a stage of stability and new wins, promotions or pay rises.

However, like the rest of the cards, The Cart also has a meaning if it appears inverted. In this case, in the field of health, you may be warning of possible relapses. It also indicates possible traffic accidents. It is also necessary to be alert with the little ones, because according to the tarotists this card can sometimes point out health problems for the children of the house. As for the work level, this card may indicate that the person is going through a crisis that doesn´t allow him to see his objectives clearly, in order to start new stages.

Likewise, in the love area, Cart’s Card may indicate a relationship that goes through a stage of stagnation or routine, where each of those involved has the need to print creativity in their relationship, but isn´t able to see it clearly.

For its part the economic area, when this card appears in a reading according to the majority of cartoons, may also be going through a stage of stagnation, as well as indicating waste, loss of money, unanticipated expenses. However, it is important to note that its meaning will always depend on the cards next to it.

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The Tarot Cart’s Card Meaning: Kabbalah
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August 28, 2019

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