Medicinal properties of avocado seed

Probably one of the most consumed fruits in America is avocado, also known as avocado. However, most of us ignore the large medicinal properties it contains (see: Medicinal properties of avocado). Much more the great benefits that its seed has, which we discard without suspecting the myriad uses that we can give it.

This time we will introduce some of the ways in which the avocado seed can be used, which – as expressed by specialists in naturopathic medicine – is the food that contains the most soluble fiber. It also contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals, making it an important source of nutrients. Here are some of the benefits and ways of using avocado seed:

In the kitchen

One thing that many ignore is that instead of discarding the seed of the avocado, we can put it to dry a little and then grate it, so that we can use it as a seasoning in our dishes and preparations, which will give our meals a delicious flavor and all the propied nutritional activities that it possesses. To do this you should put it in the sun for a day, then release the thin brown layer that covers it and grate it, then place it in a dry grill and bring it to the oven until roasted, you will know that it is ready when it takes a reddish color.

Once toasted, you can process the seed in the blender or coffee mill to pulverize it. Keep it in your cupboard, so you’ll always have it handy. With it you can season your soups, rice, pastas, sauces and salads. Likewise you can prepare an infusion with this powder and avocado seed, adding a teaspoon of it to a cup of water, and letting it boil for ten minutes.

Then you should let the infusion rest for five minutes before drinking it. You can take it several times a day, but bearing in mind that excess consumption of this seed can cause constipation.

Topical uses

You can also use avocado seed to make ointments or poultices that help treat certain skin and muscle ailments. For this it is recommended to strip the seed of the brown skin covering it, crush it with the help of a mortar and add the contents to an alcohol bottle.

It is then advised to let the preparation macerate at least one week before use. Once this time has elapsed, we can use this ointment to rub or massage areas of our body where we present some muscle tensions or joint pains. It is also recommended to use it to rub the sienes and forehead in order to improve migraine pictures.

Another use that can be given to avocado seed is to ripen and dry grains, mud sores or boils, for which it is advisable to prepare it with it a powder (as we saw in the previous section) and add a little hot water to make with it a kind of past mud.

We will then use our preparation to add it to a gauze and then cover it with another, as a sanduit. Then add the gauze over the rash to be treated until it is dry. It is recommended to apply it once a day until we get the lesion to dry out.

Similarly, specialists in naturopathic medicine advise the use of avocado seed as an effective element to combat dandruff. In this case we must scratch the seed and mix it with castor oil, then let it macerate for at least twenty-four hours before use.

With this preparation you will rub your scalp and then cover your head with a towel or cap for at least an hour, after which your hair will be washed. This method also serves to moisturize the hair, however people with oily hair should be careful when using it, as it could be counterproductive by its type of hair.

Medicinal properties

As for its medicinal properties, the avocado seed has an extensive list of benefits to the human body, helping it to prevent and combat certain chronic conditions and diseases. Some of the medicinal properties of this seed include:

It raises defenses and strengthens the immune system, helping the body prevent diseases caused by some bacteria, fungi and parasites.

It is an excellent ally when it comes to losing weight, because it has properties that help it metabolize the body, causing the body to burn accumulated fat.

It is antioxidant, so it prevents or prevents some types of cancers.

It helps fight cardiovascular disease by reducing cholesterol rates in the body.

Its great content of tannins make it an excellent astringent, which we can use during diarrhoeal paintings, in order to combat them.

It is an excellent revitalizant, which helps to raise the mood and recover energies.

According to the experts in naturopathic medicine its use is also recommended to treat thyroid problems, asthma and epilepsy. However, its use should never replace the treatment indicated by a doctor.

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Medicinal properties of avocado seed
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August 31, 2019

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