Moon’s Tarot card meaning: Kabbalah


Known as The Moon, this card ranks eighteenth in the Tarot’s Major Arcanes. On this occasion we offer you a synthesis of the stack of symbolic features as well as the interpretations that most of the cartomantics specialized in this method make of it when they are apparently crossed in the Italian medieval.

In this card that can be seen from the front a full moon aunt, dominates her with her rays to the illustration, the recognition by some a symbol of that hidden, of what has not come to light, can be seen to the occult knowledge.

Under this satellite there are two dogs that bark at you as you defend yourself from all their splendor, there are those who say that the dogs at once have the tail between the legs, so this symbol refers to the duality of facing the asu courage but at the same time with fear.

In the illustration of this card you can see a little lake, that some tarotists agree in pointing out as our mind, the unconscious. Also a crab, which can be identified as the sign of cancer, ruled by the moon, and which is related to sensitivity. However it is night, and the moon reigns over its domains.


Generally speaking, according to most interpretations, the presence of The Moon’s card within a Tarot consultation always makes a reference to a period of great confusion. It also indicates that the consultant has been left for the catch and that it is time to look for the light, the lighting.

This card also endorses the need to be placed in the here and now, lies the past and all its weight behind it. Likewise, a card always warns the person who consults about hidden enemies, that is, to say that they don´t show a simple view, so it is necessary and to be cautious and not to trust everyone, especially in the fields of work or academics.

Likewise other currents of thought also take the chart of the Moon to relate it to other symbols. For example, esotericism associates it with the Sign of Aquarius. For the Cabalistics, for his part, connect it to the Hebrew letter Tzade as well as to the sign of Cancer. As for the numerology this card in the link or represents the number eighteen, which for experts in this discipline can be reluctant to the dangers to both the physical of health and emotional health.

As for the specific planes of existence, The Moon Card has specific interpretation. In light of what some tarotists have written, the presence of this card in a consultation with the material consultation always reveals problems with mental clarity or the inability to fully understand everything.

On the other hand, in a consultation on the animic or emotional plane this card is always referring to insecurities, inconsistencies, found ideas and internal tensions. For the spiritual plane, the presence of this card warns of the absence of our guides in the material world, the consultant has trouble connecting with his spiritual side or has abandoned him to give himself to the things of the world.

Within a reading where the consultant tries to find out by a final result, the appearance of The Moon Card always carries a bad news, since the meaning of this card – although it must be analyzed in context with the cards that accompany it , just like all- it’s always negative.

If, on the other hand, the consultant seeks to identify a specific person within a reading, this card will be revealing to a conflicting, double-sided being, which is not shown as it really is.

If, on the other hand, the reading is aimed at researching the love plane, this card announces moments of great intimacy and romance, which will not yet be characterized by being stable, producing perhaps some feelings of insecurity.

You may also notice unexpected changes in the couple. In relation to health, the presence of this card may be warning of hidden problems. Medical examinations are required. If the consultant is a woman, it is recommended that you go to the gynecologist for a checkup.

As for the field of work or academics, Moon’s Tarot card meaning always suggests to the consultant about the need to rethink his goals and even the path that he is now following in these areas. In relation to the economic level, this card advises to be careful with investments and businesses as there may be circumstances that we are not seeing clearly. The presence of this card also warns of the need to set a budget and adjust to it.

And if it appears inverted

Like the other tarot cards, the Moon card also has a meaning if it appears inverted, i.e. headlong. In this case, on the loving plane the presence of this inverted card warns about communication problems and insecurities that can lead to separations Also indicates hidden sexualities.

For the health level, the presence of this inverted card may be alerting you to pathological mental processes, such as depressions. In the work area this card tells the consultant that he should be attentive to misunderstandings with the superiors. Money doesn´t bode well, on the contrary warns of economic distress, so you should be cautious about spending.

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Moon’s Tarot card meaning: Kabbalah
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