Mysteries of space that could not be explained

There is no doubt that the universe in which we live is one of the most spectacular and exciting things in the past that astronomy, cosmology and physics have had in recent times, yet space hides its most intimate secrets. Here are 5 of the most notable.

The singularity

According to the methods, before the Big Bang all the matter and antimatter of the universe was so compressed that in a mathematical point more diminutive than an atom known as the singularity.

However, it has not been possible to explain how it could be there.

Galaxies older than the Universe

The universe was formed approximately 13,700 million years ago, however, galaxies have been detected with an age of 13,300 million years, just about 400 thousand years after the big bang. stars

Quantification of the law of gravity

In this case, in the near body, the gravity will be important, attracting towards the center of the next objects. However, no one has been able to quantify the severity. In other words, no one has been able to discover the messenger particle of the minimum unit of gravity, which is one of the two great mysteries of physics.

The dark energy

According to scientific research, it would be the direction responsible for the universe to expand more and more. One of the theories indicates that said energy is constituted, not of matter or antimatter, but also of space-time that induces gravity in a determined range of action.

However, so far nobody has the last word and aspects of the second great mystery of physics.

The scenario after the end of the universe

Eventually, the matter we know in space, the mode of the same protons, neutrons and electrons will dissolve.

But what will happen beyond this is a mystery, it is speculated that the final waste becomes absorbing within another space of time to be reused in another cosmological form, but nobody knows for sure.


Mysteries of space that could not be explained
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June 30, 2019

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