Mysterious creature found in a garden, alien or animal?

Appearance of strange creatures

Throughout history the testimony of numerous people who claim to have seen the most mysterious and unimaginable creatures has been reported and, in more recent times, has been counted on the photographic or film record of some of them, aspect which, of course , has involved the most diverse theories and speculations.

Much of it has been dismissed and others remain in the mystery, although they find both defenders and detractors. And precisely one of the most recent cases occurred in early November 2015 when a photo of a strange amorphous-looking creature began circulating on the Internet.

Image origin

The image was taken in San Jose, California and uploaded to the Reddit social network by a user who in the image caption expressed, “My friend found this in his yard”. Soon another network user indicated that the night before, around 11 and 30, she had heard something screaming in the backyard and when she came over to see what it was about, she had found that strange creature.

The beginning of the controversy

Of course, speculation soon appeared, ranging from the simple fact that the creature is nothing more than the spontaneous abortion of a large animal like a goat or calf to more adventurous conjectures such as that it is an alien creature , from one entity on another planet because, according to the imagination of some, aliens would be close to invading us.

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Mysterious creature found in a garden, alien or animal?
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September 11, 2019

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