Mysterious Dark Matter

One of the most outstanding advances in the field of physical astro is to have discovered in general traits various types of energy and even matter.

Something no scientist has been able to comprehend

Today, the world’s governments and the Scientific Community keep their minds concerned about discovering everything about the famous “dark matter.” In Switzerland, for example, a team of astrophysicists from the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne found valuable discoveries on the subject.

One of these research advances of Swiss astrophysicists is that the interaction of dark matter with itself is very incipient. Note that recently, it was officially reported that dark matter was much of the Universe in which we live, along with the Dark Energy. The physical matter we perceive with the five senses corresponds only to 1% of the total.

Logically, they have used the most complete and modern telescopes such as Hubble and other X-ray, with which they realized that 74% of the total of what exists in the Universe is Dark Energy. 25% is Dark Matter and 1% is what we perceive as Visible Physical Matter. Dark matter is very difficult to detect, since it emits neither a trace of light nor reflects it, and if that were not enough, nor absorbs it.

To reach these conclusions, they studied the behavior of dark matter in galactic clusters when they come into mutual contact, which are gigantic structures, made up of hundreds of galaxies. They determined that this lack of interaction of dark matter with itself would make it easier for researchers to reach the depths of the matter.

Because humans cannot see it, it has been required to be analyzed through observation of collisions in galactic clusters, where experts say there are higher amounts of dark matter naturally present. One thing they have been able to realize is that it exerts a force of gravity on visible matter.

The director of this group of Swiss astrophysicists, Professor Harvey, asserts that it is already known how stars and star gas behave during these phenomena, as well as the origin of the formation of them that has to do directly with dark matter.

The fact that the brutal and indescribable clashes between galaxies, caused over hundreds of millions of years, do not slow dark matter, because according to the results obtained, the biggest hypothesis is that they do not seem to have a relationship some of the particles that supposedly make up it.

Protons, electrons and neutrons constitute the physical matter that we can observe, but the unusual thing about the case is that it is not the same in terms of dark matter. It is the time when its components are completely ignored, although it is suspected to be made up of other particles.

Different theories swarm across the web about the constituent particles of dark matter. They have even dared to call them “supersymmetric particles” and “axiones”.

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Mysterious Dark Matter
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June 30, 2019

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