NASA admits the existence of UFOs

The UFO phenomenon (UFO for English speakers) is one of the most controversial and controversial has aroused in this century and in the previous one, with much room for amplitude over many others and to the surprise of many, NASA finally admits the existence of UFOs, of unidentified flying objects.


NASA admits the existence of UFOs!

This reminds me of one of the prophecies and psychographies of Latinamerican Nostradamus, the Argentinean Benjamin Solari Parravichini, which dates from 1940, and in which he expresses:

 “Given the constant visits of extraterrestrial shippers science will deny, then hesitate and finally say it is true! And our wisdom has been left behind. Centuries watch us and contemplate! “

The clarity and forcefulness of the terms in which the prophecy expresses are forceful, and do not allow place to interpretations.

And, in effect, that is what has happened in this case with NASA.

However, they have made an intelligent move because they have not really admitted the UFO phenomenon directly, but indirectly (although we know they refer to the same thing), and they have pronounced it by calling it “orbs”, or «Orbs», referring to those cases in which radiant circles appear in the sky.

In other words, they have not endorsed the closest sightings (where the obviousness of the phenomenon is obvious), but just those cases in which they could have objected through any type of argument.

Official statement, before the media

2011 – In Houston, Texas, from the Johnson Space Center the Fox news chanel, made the report in which Wayne Hale made the statement, endorsing the existence of “orbs”, however maintaining: “we do not know what they are”.

“Over the years we have pursued many, many many of these things, perhaps not with the visibility that this has achieved. Rarely or never has he been able to pinpoint exactly where they come from and always discover that he did not pose any danger to us. ”
Wayne Hale
-Space Shuttle Program Manager

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In short, a new chapter in this novel opens, and we remain open to what comes.

NASA admits the existence of UFOs
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June 26, 2019

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