Nearly 10 years later his death was solved by Google Maps

Google maps have become an indispensable tool not only for tourists but, now it has also become invaluable for intelligence and even to solve criminal cases, infidelity, suicides and homicides, among many more profits.

A mysterious disappearance

And it was vital at the end of 2015 that it was vital in solving the riddle of the disappearance of David Lee, a 72-year-old man who in 2006 left his home in Michigan without leaving the slightest trace.

Since then his family searched for him without success and remained in uncertainty, not knowing whether David would be alive or dead. The last they knew was that, after visiting the doctor, the man had gone to a local bar, where his trail had been completely lost.

What was inside

However, an anomaly detected in Google maps led to an investigation that would solve the mystery. In one of the lakes of the city there was something that appeared to be a large object that would be at the bottom of the lake, so manual work was carried out on the lake. As a result, a car was removed and inside it, which would turn out to be David’s corpse.

And it is that precisely on his visit to the doctor he had been detected with cancer, reason that motivated him to go to the bar, triggering the fatal end. However, although the news was devastating, the man’s family was relieved that they were now certain of what had happened and could put an end to so much uncertainty.

Image source: Google Maps

Nearly 10 years later his death was solved by Google Maps
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September 18, 2019

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