Neurological music therapy and the benefits of music therapy

Music therapy in ancient times

The first document that talks about the benefits of music on the body are Egyptian papyri found in the city of Kahum and dating from about 1500 years BEFORE Christ.

Until then, although used with some frequency, it had gone rather unnoticed. More recently, however, the use of music for medicinal and therapeutic purposes is achieving increasing diffusion and astonishing results.

And from that George, a man who suffered a brain-vascular accident who left him are serious impediments to walking. However, at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, he underwent three weeks of neurological music therapy after which, although slowly and with the help of a cane, he was able to walk again.

What is neurological music therapy?

The success of neural therapy based on musical stimulation consists of the help that healthy areas of the brain provide to help in the activation of parts that are damaged or impaired.

Music, neuroscience, technology and, in many cases, some musical instrument as simple as a guitar, are key in the healing process.

Benefits of music therapy

As the studies prove, it also contributes favorably at the cognitive, physical, emotional and even spiritual level. Neuro-musical therapy also serves in motor coordination, imagination, attention and even memory, among many of its benefits.

In the sessions live music and different musical sounds are used that are selected by the neurological music therapist duly certified. George’s case has been one of the most shocking to have been recorded to the point that in his first session there had already been an improvement to walk.

Neurological music therapy and the benefits of music therapy
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August 28, 2019

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