Nikola Tesla the most important and forgotten inventor

The story commonly told in academia and in the media, attribute the authorship of the most important inventions of the current civilization to the wrong characters.

They stole all his inventions

For example, Thomas Alba Edison is said to have been the inventor of the electric light bulb. However, it is not so so. The real author of electricity, electric light and alternating current was Nikola Tesla.

This great genius today ignored and conveniently erased from historical archives, discovered things so incredibly fascinating, that sci-fi films fall short in the face of such inventions.

One of the main causes for impostors, now known as famous scientists, to steal Tesla’s work, was that the genius was not sympathetic at all to the idea of having to think business. So he didn’t patent most of his creations and steal his work.

Nikola Tesla was the true radio inventor of radio

Guillermo Marconi is credited with the fabulous radio system. But actually, it was one of the great robberies they committed with Tesla. Today, in encyclopedias, books of general culture, colleges and universities, etc., promulgate the lie.

Even Mr. Marconi not only stole the radio’s copyright, he also took over 17 more patents. But if that were not enough, this false radio author also allied himself with Mr. Alba Edison and managed to win the Nobel Prize in 1909, for the discovery of the radio broadcast system.

Invented the Alternate Current

All people use the plugs of the houses and connect in them the electrical appliances; Also, let’s turn on the lights of the bulbs with the wall switches. But who is owed that system? Mr. Tesla.

The Death Ray

One of the most fantastic and powerful creations of this forgotten genius. Unfortunately, it was adapted for military and war purposes and today represents one of the deadliest and little-known weapons in the world.

The United States was harassing Tesla hard in World War II to hand him that fearsome deadly weapon, which could destroy hundreds of miles with a 60 million volt destructive power. Today it is known as HAARP technology, a lethal weapon capable of causing earthquakes or natural disasters of tremendous impact in any region of the world.

The World’s Best Coil: Tesla Coil

This instrument is named after its creator, who made it based on Lord Kelvin’s studies on the discharge capacitor, many years ago. Nikola intended with this artifact the transmission and wireless generation of the current.

It would take several posts to state each of Tesla’s inventions, but what we can emphasize in this, is this gentleman invented all the current technology such as cell phone, electricity, electric light, televisions, radio, computers, everything… but history lies ruthlessly.

Nikola Tesla the most important and forgotten inventor
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June 30, 2019

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