Nine of Cups Tarot Card Meaning


Under the name Nine cups this card ranks number nine in the Cup club of the tarot’s lesser arcane. On this occasion we will summarize the symbolic features attributed to this deck, as well as the possible interpretations of it by the carmantics experts in this medieval oracle apparently emerging in Italy.

In this deck we can see head on the figure of an elegantly dressed man, who rests sitting and with his arms folded, a position that is interpreted by some scholars of symbology as a sign of carefreeness and satisfaction. On his head there is a red turban that for some indicate action or thought activity, and behind it there is a kind of semicircular counter, where nine golden cups are displayed.


According to most tarotists, the presence of this card within a tarot reading indicates that the consultant lives or is about to live a period of maximum eroticism in his love life. This card also refers to opportunities to strengthen emotions and feelings among couples. For singles, this card is a prey for fleeting, but quite profound, relationships.

At other levels of existence this card may warn the consultant about the possibility of getting carried away by an excess of pleasures and vices, which can put at risk their work, economic and even sentimental stability.

In general this menu talks about the ways in which the human can give himself to enjoyment, good food, good drinks, expensive clothes, excess rest, in short to assume life from a totally hedonistic attitude. Sometimes he also refers to the individual who lives his life without stopping to think too much.

As for the future, this card speaks of standing in front of life without much reflection. In the same way he announces momentary pleasures, things and people that come into our lives without rooting enough, but arrive to make us enjoy and then leave.

Thus, although this card is called “the card of fulfilled wishes” and there are even those who advise to visualize or concentrate on it to ask for what we crav, this deck speaks not of lasting happiness, but that which passes through our hands of quickly and ephemerally, so if the consultant is looking for a lasting relationship, a stable job, a solid economy or anything else safe and enduring in his life, the appearance of this card tells him that he will get it but for a very short time.

In short, this card informs the consultant that he or the person he asks lives a time when everything he wants achieves it, even though it isn´t forever. However, some tarotists have pointed out that the appearance of this card in terms of identifying a specific person can also draw an individual who feeds on the ego, which increases as he achieves great things in a short time , beyond whether their achievements endure in time or not, because it is about living in the moment.

If our consultant is involved in a sentimental relationship for which he consults and this card comes to appear, it can be interpreted as an experience full of eroticism, passion, wonderful encounters, but which will hardly come to transcend in time, because those involved, or any of them are more interested in living life, enjoying the now and continuing, than in laying the foundations for a marriage or the construction of a family.

If it appears inverted

Like the rest of the tarot cards, the Nine Cups also features an interpretation if it ever appears inverted. In this case this card would tell us the opposite, and instead of pointing out to us an individual thrown, who lives only in the moment, could be beckoning us to a being that tends to be paralyzed by an overthought, which prevents him from moving.

This card can also refer to unreasonable ambitions and inability to enjoy, never to settle for what you get, and on the contrary increasingly want ingest better things, but obsessively. Likewise, some tarotists have agreed to point out that the presence of this card may also warn that the consultant or the person he is wondering may be going through a moment of great stress, which doesn´t allow him to stop to think well of the next step, as well as enjoying your life.

In combination with other cards

This card, like each of the ones that make up this divinatory method, also takes on different meanings, depending on the cards with which it is accompanied. For example, next to the Wheel of Fortune this card warns of encounters that can be fatal to those involved. In the company of Death’s card, he would be announcing a moment of great calm after the storm.

Next to the Sun announces a tendency to obtain perfectionism. Similarly, if it appears inverted it also takes on different meanings depending on the accompanying cards. According to this, along with the Eight of Golds, the Nine Cups invested would be talking about the contradictions that can appear in a company or project. Next to the Tower, the inverted Nine Cups speaks of the end of a love.

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Nine of Cups Tarot Card Meaning
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August 28, 2019

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