Nine of Pentacles Tarot card meaning


Named Nine of Pentacles, this card occupies the ninth place in the Pentacles suit of the Tarot Lesser Arcanes. On this occasion we offer a synthesis of the symbolic traits, as well as the general interpretations that are attributed to this deck by scholars of this divinatory method.

Based on Rider’s Tarot, in this card we can see head on the figure of a woman, dressed in yellow – the color of gold and wealth – who with her left arm holds a hawk. From the surrounding landscape it can be inferred that it is located in the garden of a luxurious house, which some have come to point out that it belongs to it, then also interpreting it as a sign of wealth and prosperity.

At its feet you can see nine gold coins, each with the inscription of the pentacle in its center, which represents or commandes over the element Earth, as well as the suit of Pentacles. On one of these coins, the woman places one of her hands, in a gesture that for some comes to reaffirm her gift of greatness on the earthly possessions that surround her.

Also, almost in the lower left corner – at the foot of the woman – you can see a small snail advancing on the ground, which is taken by some experts in symbology as a message to the consultant who aims to remind him that even at a short and slow pace you can go as far as you want. 

Likewise this snail – in light of the theories of some tarotists – reveals that the woman who is the protagonist of this card didn´t acquire her power and wealth overnight, but was the result of her work, constancy and dedication.


Generally speaking, most tarotists agree that the golden Nine card is the charter of success, i.e. their presence in a reading, whatever the experiential plan, augurs good news and triumphs. Likewise, this card has a meaning depending on the level of existence being reviewed. For example, at the work level, the appearance of this card warns about great triumphs, achievements and goals achieved for the consultant.

Thus, if the person is looking for employment, the presence of the Nine of Pentacles augurs him to obtain a very good position and salary. On the contrary, if the consultant already performs within a task, the appearance of this card warns him about upcoming triumphs and victories, which will make him rise through position and project himself professionally.

For its part, the economic plane also looks very well aspected with the emergence of the Nine of Pentacles, as it is the card directly related to financial success. In this case the presence of this deck may be indicating that the consultant is close to growing financially, so maybe he manages to buy a home, buy a car or earn enough money to have a loose life. Likewise, this card announces about the financial aid to be achieved from a noble woman, of money, distinguished by her manners.

As for love the meaning of this card isn´t as positive as on the material level, because its presence within a loving consultation indicates that the consultant – whether he is male or female – has put aside his emotions, by focusing on his growth professional and economic, in this way he has paid with his solitude the triumphs obtained in the professional and economic field.

This card may even indicate the decision not to have children, despite wanting them, because everything related to couple, family and children has been left behind. If the consultant were married and a father, the Golden Nine would then speak of the abandonment he has subjected his family to for dedicating himself to nothing but making money.

However, this type of situation does not completely affect the consultant, since this card doesn´t mark suffering or guilt, it only points to this abandonment of the emotional as a feature of the consultant. In relation to health, the emergence of the Nine of Pentacles speaks of a moment of well-being, accompanied by happiness, security and high self-esteem, which comes to manifest itself in a state of both physical and emotional well-being.

If it appears inverted

Like all Tarot cards, the Nine of Pentacles also has particular meanings if it comes to appear headfirst, i.e. inverted. In this case he completely loses his positive traits to instead take a negative bias, which comes to reveal the total power of the consultant to achieve the triumph over a certain situation.

Likewise, the Nine of Pentacles invested comes to account for moments of inconsistency, discouragement and indiscipline in the area of work, which sooner or later will bring the ruin of the consultant, because this card also warns about the danger of filling up with projects without end, which in turn creates a bad reputation for the consultant in his area of work.

However, and that is why it is important to analyze the cards in context, that is, taking into account the accompanying cards, some tarotists point out that the Nine of Pentacles in the reverse position also points to the one who despite having great triumphs and economic prosperity isn´t able to enjoy it, forever wanting more or being too demanding with himself, so this card arises as a warning to the consultant to learn to enjoy the personal triumphs as well as the gifts offered by life.

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Nine of Pentacles Tarot card meaning
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