One eye is amputated and he’s still seeing: ghost eye syndrome

Around the world many people have been forced to amputate some members of their body for medical reasons and in most cases experience different sensations with the parts of the body that have had to be removed.

The Phantom Eye Syndrome is a phenomenon that has been studied at the “University of Liverpool” and according to the scientists who have studied it, they say that patients who have it continue to see even though one eye has been removed, as a result of the cancer.

Scientists are still not sure of the origin of these ailments, however, Dr. Laura Hope Stone, argued that “the mechanisms of the nervous system are so complex that they can continue to cause stimuli, even for a long time after the loss of some of the organs related to sensory perception”.

Several patients stated that they see people in the dark, they see figures walking beside them, moving images, water, algae, animals, in short the human mind is too wide to continue recreating life despite no longer having any organ and especially the eyes that are the mirror of the world where we can see everything around us.

Researchers on the subject also agree on the theory that each of the five human senses has its own ghost. But that we only perceive it when a limb is amputated and we feel the lack and emptiness of the organ that has been removed.

This is proof that the human body in all its perfection knows no limits, for even if some organ is missing, the human body takes care of balancing the loss by means of new perceptions and sensations.


One eye is amputated and he’s still seeing: ghost eye syndrome
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June 2, 2020

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