Orbs, what are they and what do they consist of?

The orb phenomenon has become one of the most disturbing of recent times and has caught the attention of many scholars of the paranormal phenomenon and, although there is still no absolute certainty about what they are and what they consist of, of their very nature, what does seem right is that they are a real manifestation.

Obes ¿qué son y en qué consisten?
Enlarged orb image of my private archive. Sasaima (Colombia) 20 Apr 2014.
By: J. Lallemant
Author: The Hidden Truths of the Bible

Orbes what are they and what they consist of?

An orb, in a strict sense, is a sphere, whether fully circular or not. From this fact, each planet or star is an orb; the glass spheres with which children play are orbs. However, in recent times, the concept has acquired a particular tint due to the luminous spheres, invisible to the naked eye, which appear in some photographs taken from different cameras.

What kind of camera to capture an orb with?

Basically they can be captured with any type of camera, both photographic and video. Most commonly, however, they appear on digital cameras, with the flash active, zoom out, and at a distance ranging from approximately 1 to 10 meters.

Video orbs are rare.

Optical aberration or paranormal phenomenon?

Photographic orbs may, in fact, appear as a result of various optical aberrations at the time of taking the photo or making the recording and may be due to multiple factors such as:

  • Lens contamination
  • Sensor problems
  • Self-reflection of the light caused by the flash
  • Suspended particles (dust, moisture, pollen, etc.)
  • Insects
  • Images taken in backlight
  • Images taken near a mirror or reflective surface

From my experience I can say that all this is a cause of the capture of ‘false orbs’, or better ‘natural orbs’, or ‘physical orbs’ (the meaning of orb refers us to “sphere”, whatever nature it is), especially in the case of suspended particles, where we are presents the backscatter effect, which consists of the reflection of the flash light.

However, there are situations of the appearance of orbs that are difficult to explain by this mechanism, and in which any of the causals of optical distortion are ruled out. It should be said that the photographers themselves recognize that there is a minimum percentage, with respect to the orb phenomenon, that do not allow an explanation within the possible alternatives proposed.

Indeed, many of the orbs captured in photos would not be ‘physical orbs’, but ‘metaphysical orbs’, as any interaction between light and any physical particles of matter is discarded.

One of the ones that has contributed the most to feeding the perception of metaphysical orbs has been the Argentine Benjamín Solari Parravichini, the so-called “Latin Nostradamus”, who in one of his psychographies, made in the year 1950, writes the following:

“Beings not visible by the human retina travel in small fireballs that penetrate houses and inhabit them. They are already on earth»

In turn Sixto Paz Wells, the renowned researcher of the UFO phenomenon also reports the orbs, and endorses them as “beings of other planes, of other dimensions”.

I differ in that the orbs must reflect some face, being the usual that they resemble the structure of a cell, in some cases consisting of three internal sections. However, even though dim, it has the characteristics of a legitimate orb.

Below is a video of an article developed by cuatro.com (see article).

Of course, opinions are divided, but the minimum percentage of orbs that cannot be explained is the one that gives us the way to talk about the two types of orbs, the physical and the metaphysical.

What are orbs?

We’ve already seen what a physical orb could be, but what could be a metaphysical orb?

Different hypotheses have emerged regarding the nature of the orbs and what they might be, let’s look at some of them:

  • Extraterrestrial beings
  • Projection of extraterrestrial beings
  • Spheres left by extraterrestrial beings
  • Spirits of deceased people
  • Energy released from the deceased
  • Energy of people with high sensitivity or spirituality
  • Some kind of intelligent life

I am convinced that, eventually, photographs taken in space will reveal to us beautiful orbs that float not only in our solar system, but beyond it, and distant from any planet or on uninhabited planets. This, of course, will tip the balance that they are not spirits or energy released by the deceased.

Some parapsychologists argue that they have had an incipient telepathic communication with them and, even, that they can obey an order (it must be given with respect and affection), for example, to move from one place to another.

This tilts the scales in the sense that it could be some kind of intelligent life and, personally, I fully adhere to this position. I recently expressed it in these terms:

“All creatures of the universe pass through 4 basic realms: the mineral, the vegetable, the animal and the human. Orbs are creatures that have not yet entered the mineral kingdom. They’re the purest, most innocent thing anyone can ever know. It is common to distinguish in them three well-defined circular segments, and they would be nothing more than the representation of a kind of cosmogonic DNA, and they correspond to the three great stadiums of all that is, of all that has been, and of all that will be , thus: the Primordial Absolute, the Lower Absolute and the Manifested Universe”.

However, such segments are not always visible. Indeed, orbs are very changeable and sometimes present in an atypical form and appear to have some kind of relief. In my concept, these are the ones that are already closest to entering the mineral realm.

Parravicini’s prophecy says:

“Beings not visible by the human retina travel in small fireballs that penetrate houses and inhabit them. They are already on earth»

This thesis, which is new within the different hypotheses of the orb phenomenon, is not in opposition to what Parravicini expressed (in case the psychography corresponds to the orb phenomenon). But even more, in case they were not beings preparing to enter the mineral realm, they are budding creatures in the process of evolution, and that is beyond doubt.

The fireballs in which they travel have been referred to by some as “elm” (plural “elmes”), which would really be the corpuscle that covers these beings. The Elmes – as it reminds us of the plural “souls” – would be for them as the skin for us.

Characteristics of the orbs?

  • They are not visible to the naked eye
  • They are usually circular or semicircular
  • They have different sizes and colors, with white being the most common color
  • They have different degrees of luminosity
  • They have different degrees of opacity and transparency
  • Nature and composition of the orbs

Since orbs are incipient creatures in the process of evolution, they are also, by logical sequence, a specific type of energy, and just so we can perceive them in the photos, especially when they are luminous. Raúl Bedoda, has made the following structure of the orbs, distinguishing several parts.

Structure and parts of the orb

  1. Energy, thought, emotion, intelligence
  2. Plasma protection. Ionic energy
  3. Electromagnetic field
  4. Protecting energy navigation
  5. External effect (radiation)

This structure is relevant, however, the core of the orb, which is more easily visible in the ‘younger’ orbs, is being overlooked. After this they follow, similar to the structure of a cell, the organelles (which we can call the inner body, or plasma) and the nuclear membrane (which we can call the outer body, or outer membrane, which emits more or less radiation.

In the nucleus and the inner body are understood energy, thought, emotion and intelligence; while between the outer membrane and the radiation is the electromagnetic field. In any case, we must distinguish three segments that correspond, on the one hand, with the cell structure (core, organelle and nuclear membrane), with the atomic structure (proton, neutron and electron) and with the cosmogonic structure proposed lines above.

Orbs, what are they and what do they consist of?
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July 2, 2019

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