Page of Swords Tarot card meaning


Known as Page of Swords, this card comes to occupy the eleventh position of the Swords suit, of the Lesser Arcanes of the Tarot. In this article we will present a summary of the symbolic features, as well as the interpretations attributed to it by Tarot scholars.

Based on the tarot’s deck, in this card we can see head-on the image of a handsome young man, dressed in beautiful and luxurious garments, who on a hill holds a sword.

However – as the scholars of symbols point out – this young man does not show that he is in an attitude of attack or defense, so nothing seems to attack or fear him, on the contrary his attitude is peaceful. Likewise, the landscape behind him seems to reaffirm his attitude of tranquility.

As for this card, most tarotists agree that the Jack of Swords constitutes – like all the Jacks of the other sticks – a messenger, who with his presence has been announcing the exit of conflicts, so that it is then a bearer of good news and good news.

However, as the popular saying goes, “opportunities are sometimes painted bald” so the Page of Swords announces great changes in our lives, which will allow us to grow and transform, but that it is not certain that we want or enjoy them , because to quote another adage of the popular language “growing hurts”.

In short, the key word of the Page of Swords would then be: Grow, and for this we will need all our intellectual resources, so that we can distinguish good from evil, the ephemeral from the lasting, and the futile from the important.


As for the concrete planes of existence, the Jack of Swords also has specific meanings. For example, in the workplace, this card speaks of the need for the consultant to be alert, and to keep his mind as clear as possible, because he may be going through a time when his performance is being closely monitored.

Some cartomancia specialists see the spy’s card in the Page of Swords, so when he shows up the consultant is advised to take care of the comments he issues, as well as the place where he does it, so it’s also time to take care of our arrival time a, our dress, behavior and performance, because they may have sent us someone to keep an eye on our movements, so it’s time to give our best.

As for the loving part, the Page of Swords may bring with it not entirely pleasant news, because while it prepares the way for us to grow, it may not be pleasant to travel. In this sense, this card can bring with it the idea of separation or rupture.

It also speaks of our partner as that teacher who is destined to teach us an important lesson that will make us stronger, in this case it can be precisely that of learning to walk away, and that of breaking a relationship and knowing how to move forward.

So even though this hurts us, over the years we will be able to see that it was the best thing that could happen to us, and that in the end we thank that person for letting us flow to new scenery and loves.

In the event that this card comes out in a consultation made by the person to know about their children, the Page of Swords sets the trend for young people to evade the reality presented to them in front.

Although this card should be analyzed in context, in order to fully verify its meaning to know for sure what it refers to, care must be taken because the Jack of Swords in a consultation directed towards a teenager may imply the beginning of some habits through which young people try to evade the reality around them, thus approaching the consumption of some substances.

For the economic stake, this card also marks caution, as someone is probably watching us to find out how much we earn, what financial moves we make and what we invest our money in.

Likewise it is advised as always to analyze the cards in context, because the cards that accompany the Jack of Swords are the ones that will tell us with which intentions that person is monitoring us, if it is mere envy and curiosity, or if on the contrary has any plan that can hurtus.

If it appears inverted

Like each and every Tarot card, the Jack of Swords also has a specific meaning if it comes to appear headfirst, that is, inverted, in which case it takes a slightly less positive meaning than when it appears in a right way, since in this last position the card spoke of movement, learning and growth – with or without our approval.

However, when the card is inverted it is imbued with the sense of passivity, that is, of the consultant who sits crossed to see what happens with his own life, without intervening or making decisions about it, so we can say that the c unsultante may be evading the responsibility he has with his own destiny.

You can also warn the person that maybe she’s become a little gossipy, or is too interested in the affairs of others, in which she really has no place.

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Page of Swords Tarot card meaning
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September 18, 2019

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