Paige, a dog that paints, washes and makes breakfast

Dogs are not only faithful companions of their masters but, additionally, they are very intelligent and, with a proper preparation, they come to do really amazing actions such as cycling, juggling, looking for objects, riding a skateboard and many more things.

And such is the case of Paige, a dog of border collie breed that after receiving training since when it was only a puppy by its owner, learned to perform several actions, including putting to wash clothes, paint or collect the room.

But the most impressive thing is that Paige has also been trained to prepare breakfast, crispy toasts. To do this Paige opens the fridge, pulls out the toast one by one and puts them in the toaster, waits a few seconds while they heat up and then pulls them out and delivers them to its owner.

Paige is already a celebrity and has been invited in 2011 to the Late Show, an American variety show hosted by David Letterman. Likewise, the charming puppy has its own channel on Youtube and has opened his own Facebook page as a public figure.

One sample that these adorable pets are abletolearn a lot, especially if they are taught from very small. And your dog, what does it do?

Paige, a dog that paints, washes and makes breakfast
Source: curiosities  
August 14, 2019

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