Pascualita, the living mannequin of Chihuahua

In the city of Chihuahua, in Mexico, more specifically on Ocampo Avenue, a strange legend known as the legend of Pascualita, or the “Chonita” was shaped.

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The story goes back to 1930 when Mrs. Pascualita Esparza Perales de Pérez, owner of the warehouse “The Popular” ordered to import a mannequin, from France, which was admired by all the passers-by of the place who usually stopped way to contemplate the mannequin.

Soon he gained fame and people gave him the name Pascualita, the same name of his owner.

The mannequin was very different from those circulating at the time, and had been made very carefully in wax, with glass eyes and real extensions of human hair that had been inserted manually.

All this increased the good name of the store “The Popular”, which is considered as the best store of wedding dresses; and the mannequin, meanwhile, became known as “The Most Beautiful Bride of Chihuahua”.

But that’s not where the matter ends. Around the 1960s, several rumors concerning the mannequin began to take shape, and many people claimed that Pascualita was moving and that even sometimes he walked around the shop.

By 1967 Mrs Pascualita Esparza Perales de Pérez died and the myth becomes stronger. There are those who claim that the spirit of the shop owner was trapped inside the mannequin and it is she who sometimes smiles, winks at them or subtly moves her hand to get her attention.

The living mannequin from Chihuahua has made his name and there is no one who does not know him or heard the story through someone’s mouth. Locals say not everyone smiles on Pascualita and the best-selling dress is the one that Easterlite wears.

In addition there is a rumor that the bride who marries the Dress of pascualita will have a happy marriage. Regardless of whether it is true or not, the truth is that chonita is still as admired today as the last century.

Pascualita, the living mannequin of Chihuahua
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July 28, 2019

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