Peanut-based cocktails

Perhaps best, before presenting some of the creative recipes of cocktails made from peanuts or peanuts, it is to briefly review a little about the origin and history of this powerful legume, which day by day conquers more cuisines, bars and tables around the world Or.

Peanuts: origin and history

In this way, it can be said that peanuts are recognized by science as a legume, produced by a plant belonging to the Fabaceae family, which is believed to be the hybrid of two plants: A. duranensis (own in Argentina) and A. ipaens is (native to Brazil) which makes America, specifically Bolivia, like the land it saw born at least 9,400 years ago to peanuts or peanuts.

Thus it is also believed that although hybridization could happen by human hand, this was accidental, that is, it occurred in the middle of growing both plants.

However, the accident wasn´t bad news, but on the contrary a fortunate discovery that brought flavor and energy to the millions of inhabitants of pre-Columbian America, where it began to be consumed in Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, and this part of the continent taken north, crossing the Andes Mountains, where it also found great admirers in the towns located in Central and North America.

Peanut-based cocktail recipes

Peanuts or peanuts are usually consumed in the form of dried and toasted seed, either with a little salt or sugar. Similarly, in the last decades of the twentieth century, Peanut Cream was also popularized in the Americas, which is also delicious and an excellent and healthy option for breakfasts or snacks.Cocktails, peanuts, cocktails, cocktail recipes, based on peanuts, peanut sensuality, peanut bulls, powerful pean

However, these aren´t the only way to consume peanuts, since this versatile seed can also be the main star of delicious cocktails with which to accompany a night out or a special evening, as long as you are sure that you aren´t has any kind of allergy to this seed. Here are some of the most prominent recipes for peanut or peanut-based cocktails:

Peanut sensuality

For those who love creamy, sweet cocktails with personality, peanut sensuality may be the ideal choice. To prepare it, you will need to have at hand the following ingredients: two (2 oz.) ounces of Irish cream / one (1 oz.) brandy / three (3) tablespoons of peanut cream / three (3 oz.) ounces of evaporated milk / one (1) spark of vanilla essence.

When preparing this drink, it will be necessary to have a shaker on hand, where the Irish cream, brandy, peanut butter, evaporated milk and vanilla will be poured. It will shake vigorously, until the ingredients are fully mixed. It will be served directly in an old fashioned glass, to which three or four cubes of yarn must have been added. It can be decorated with a touch of nutmeg.

Peanut Bull

Another of the most popular peanut-based cocktail recipes is Torito, which is also fully representative of Mexico. When preparing this drink or cocktail it will be necessary to gather half ( 1/2) cup of condensed/medium milk ( 1/2) cup evaporated/medium milk ( 1/2) cup peanut butter / one (1) teaspoon vanilla/medium ( 1/2) cup of dark rum / two (2) cups of crushed ice.  With all the elements available, they are poured in the same order into a blender, where it is processed until a creamy and homogeneous mixture is achieved. They are served in old fashioned glasses, to which ice cubes are added.

Powerful peanuts

Likewise, not all peanut cocktail recipes carry alcohol, which is great news for younger children and those who for some reason are not or cannot drink alcoholic beverages. In this sense, the Peanut Mighty can be a fun and nutritious option, ideal to accompany an evening or meeting, no matter the time it develops.

To prepare this recipe, the following ingredients will be needed: a quarter (1/4) cup of peanut butter / one and three quarters ( 1 3/4) banana cup / one quarter ( 1/4) cup of milk powder / one and a half (1 1/2) cup of cold water. When mixing the ingredients, it will be necessary to have a blender at hand, where these elements can be processed until a creamy and homogeneous mixture is achieved. It is served in long glasses, which can be decorated with a slice of banana, and a spark of chocolate syrup.

Mexican peanuts

Finally, another of the cocktail options that can be prepared using peanuts is this drink, sometimes called Mexican Peanut, and that in addition to being a fairly representative taste of this country, so some bartenders claim that it is also a test for valiant, for their ability to cympate.

However, there are versions where the chili is pre-processed, removing the seeds and boiling it, so that the flavor is preserved but without its characteristic itching.

At the time of preparation, you should then have at hand the following elements: two (2) ounces of mezcal / two (2) ounces of tamarind pulp / a wide cut of chilli / one (1) tablespoon of peanuts or peanuts / and a handful of ice.

Similarly, all ingredients are placed in a blender and processed until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Finally, it can be served in short glasses, which are frosted with peanuts and mezcal. For this it is recommended to crush or grind the peanut, mix it with a pinch of salt, moisten the edge of the glass with mezcal, and pass through the crushed peanut.


Peanut-based cocktails
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