People with real supernatural powers

True humans with almost mutant superpowers, or better superhumans with supernatural, extraordinary and surprising powers, some originated from genetic malformations, others obtained through harsh practices to obtain them and empower them.

humanos con superpoderes

Humans with superpowers

Wim Hof, like many Buddhist monks, has the power to withstand temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius, as low as ice. To do this he practices Tumo, a discipline similar to Yoga. The iceman has been submerged in ice for more than an hour without suffering any damage.

Michael Lotito was a French artist who loved to eat metal, glass and rubber to such an extent that in his repertoire he reached more than 18 bicycles, 15 trucks, 7 televisions, six chandeliers, two beds, a Cessna 150 plane and even a coffin. He holds the Guinness World Record for eating an entire plane.

Masutatsu Oyama, was a karate teacher. His demonstrations were admired. Some of them were bull fights in which he faced each other with only his bare hands to kill them. He fought 52 bulls, three of whom died with a single blow from Oyama.

Kim Peek was the man capable of virtually remembering everything. Pik remembered 98% of the 12,000 books he had read; I read two pages in eight seconds (it used each eye to read a different page) and it took barely an hour to memorize a book, accurately and instantly retaining information.

Thai Ngoc is a man of Vietnamese origin. He’s the man who can live without sleep. His strange condition arose after a fever attack in 1973. In 2006 he was 41 years without sleep, however he stated by then that it was beginning to feel like a plant without water, because of lack of sleep. No sleeping pills have any effect on Thai, however, doctors reported that their health was normal.

Natasha Demkina has one of Superman’s powers, a kind of equis ray.  Natasha Demkina, is a resident of Saransk, Russia, who claims to be the first person to possess a special vision of the internal organs of a human body. In fact, many people come to her to be detected by any cysts or internal tumors they might have.

Liam Hoekstra was born in the United States and has a truly superhuman strength. The four-year-old suffered from a genetic disease that made him eat like an adult and was six times the strength of an average child his age. At home they call him Julk, Hercules or Termineitor. Liam not only has a lot of strength but runs surprisingly.

Slavisa Pajkic is the drummer. Slavisa can withstand 20 thousand volts of electric shock and feels nothing, to the point that it serves as an electric superconductor and can literally ignite a light bulb, roast a sausage or a piece of meat with the electricity that passes through its body.

Ben Underwood learned to communicate like dolphins after suffering a cancer in his eyes that left him blind. To such an extent he took his skill that he could ride a bike without any difficulty, play football, skate or practice martial arts.

Isao Machii has superhuman reflexes. He is a Japanese-lay master in shushin-kan. He is able to split a tennis ball at full speed or detect the moving of a bullet and hit him with his katana at the exact moment, which can drive at 120 kilometers per hour.

Yves Rossy is a Swiss pilot, known as the human Jetman. Basically he doesn’t have a superpower, but a special talent that, aided by a space suit, allows him to become the real human superman, the birdman who has flown next to fighter jets.

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People with real supernatural powers
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June 30, 2019

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