Perfume made from dead people

The human imagination does not know the limits, such is the case of Katia A palate a French woman who wanted to perpetuate the smell of her deceased father with the help of some scientists specialized in chemistry from the University of Havre managed to perpetuate the smell of her father extracting from the corpse the bodily odors that characterized him in life.

An invention of an ultra-tomb

Vladimir Nabokov a famous Russian writer and American nationality agrees with this ideal by stating “Nothing revives the past as a smell associated with it”, this is very true because the smell of another person, animal or thing immediately connects us with the lived events.

This recent perfumery experiment takes place in the legitimate home of the world’s most famous perfume houses, France is the favorite place where scientists lend themselves to do these experiments because there is the money these crazy people can afford but they’re really very interesting.

The technique used by scientists is secret and all that is known is that it is a distillation process that only requires is a garment of the deceased to extract some molecules that highlighted their distinctive smell, this process only takes 4 days. Obviously the technique used is a secret because this great idea will be one of the biggest innovations in the fashion world.

This idea led to a big business that promises to be a sensation as Kate’s relatives will open a shop where “comforting aromas” are sold for 600 euros and whose main customers are the mourning attendees attending the prestigious funeral homes in Paris.

But Kate’s business not only targets dead people, but also wants to create scents for loved ones, people who are far away, in short this world is full of restless minds that in some way or another seek to meet the needs of others and albyss amass immense fortunes.

Perfume made from dead people
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July 31, 2019

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